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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would the office at the motel be described as Adam walked up to it?
(a) Busy
(b) Smelly
(c) Brightly lit
(d) Deserted

2. What has Adam done before the interrogation which makes Brint believe he is okay?
(a) Gone for a run
(b) Laughed
(c) Eaten
(d) Fixed his bike

3. What does Adam discover about his bike at the beginning of this section?
(a) It has been stolen
(b) The tires are flat
(c) The gear is off
(d) The seat is missing

4. Brint tells Adam: "I am always here to _________ you. Remember that."
(a) Hurt
(b) Listen to
(c) Help
(d) Hide

5. The wind that is coming up Adam's leg as he bikes is like a ___________.
(a) Dog
(b) Cat
(c) Snake
(d) Fountain

6. Adam is acting like a ___________ in order to get his bike back.
(a) Bully
(b) Girl
(c) Normal boy
(d) Spy

7. How long did Adam's father spend in giving testimony before the Senate Committee?
(a) One year
(b) One day
(c) One month
(d) One week

8. What had the old man seen sticking out of the ditch, which alerted them to the presence of Adam?
(a) The wheels of the bike
(b) Adam's hat
(c) The bell on the handle bar
(d) Adam's package

9. Brint again asks for details about Adam's father's ____________, which disturbs Adam.
(a) Birth certificate
(b) Name
(c) Testimony
(d) Cellar

10. Where does Adam run in order to fix the situation with the bike?
(a) The alley
(b) The woods
(c) The police station
(d) The gas station

11. Who was the relative that Adam uncovered, though he'd been told he had no living relatives?
(a) His grandfather
(b) His mother's sister
(c) His father's sister
(d) His cousin, Amy

12. What had Adam's father used to do for his career before all of the chaos ensued?
(a) Police officer
(b) Insurance agent
(c) Mob boss
(d) Reporter

13. What route does Adam want to take when he is taking this new journey?
(a) 1
(b) 10
(c) 31
(d) 51

14. Brint suggests that the day may come when he will not be there for Adam to __________.
(a) Sit with
(b) Frustrate
(c) Talk to
(d) Share with

15. How many annual questionings have been done on Adam according to the final report?
(a) 1
(b) 5
(c) 3
(d) 2

Short Answer Questions

1. What could the first assassination attempt on Adam's father be described as?

2. Adam avoided Amy because he was afraid he would tell her __________ and he was sworn to secrecy.

3. What was the name for the grey man that Adam finally seems to remember during the interrogation?

4. In what city does Adam plan to spend the night during his continuing bike journey?

5. The man tells Adam that if he wants to get something, he has to give a ____________.

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