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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What DOESN'T Adam's bike have according to his description?
(a) No speeds
(b) Blue paint
(c) No fenders
(d) Warped tires

2. Who does Adam call into his room in order to talk more about what he remembers?
(a) Paul
(b) Brint
(c) Dr. Dupont
(d) Dr. Grey

3. Inducement ____________ and pre-knowledge interrogatory techniques have failed on Adam in his questioning.
(a) Words
(b) Scenarios
(c) Trances
(d) Medication

4. Where did the family all sit in the car as they were doing away for their emergency?
(a) In the front seat
(b) In the back of a truck
(c) In the back seat
(d) In the back of a van

5. Who had called with an emergency when Adam came home from the incomplete Number game?
(a) Dr. Dupont
(b) Brint
(c) Mr. Grey
(d) Adam's father

6. What did Adam say happened to him on his bike, instead of telling the man the truth?
(a) He was biking too fast
(b) He lost his balance
(c) His tire popped
(d) He was drunk

7. Brint tells Adam he must face ____________ or else everything will come to a halt.
(a) His charges
(b) His father
(c) The gray man
(d) The truth

8. Adam realizes it is not the manner of ________ that matters on his journey, but that he reaches Rutterburg as soon as possible.
(a) Injury
(b) Scenery
(c) Assistance
(d) Traveling

9. Where would Adam's mother sometimes talk even though it went against Mr. Grey's rules?
(a) In the cellar
(b) In the car
(c) In the bathroom
(d) By the windows

10. What had the old man seen sticking out of the ditch, which alerted them to the presence of Adam?
(a) The bell on the handle bar
(b) Adam's hat
(c) Adam's package
(d) The wheels of the bike

11. The man tells Adam that if he wants to get something, he has to give a ____________.
(a) Wallet
(b) Damn
(c) Reward
(d) Gift

12. Who saw Amy and Adam during their last Number game together, even though they were unable to complete it?
(a) Janitor
(b) Brint
(c) Adam's father
(d) The old man

13. Who did Adam see spinning in the air as they died from the impact of another car hurtling toward the group of people?
(a) His sister
(b) Amy Hertz
(c) His father
(d) His mother

14. For how long has Adam been calling the number at the Hertz house, or so he thinks he's been calling that number?
(a) 3 years
(b) 6 months
(c) 10 years
(d) 1 year

15. What is the nickname that the old maintenance man has for Adam as he rides into the hospital?
(a) Skipper
(b) Whipper
(c) Anthony
(d) Paul

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the description of Adam's skin tones during this session of interrogation?

2. What does Adam see as he pedals around the corner when he arrives at Rutterburg?

3. ___________ was proud of Anthony for doing the right thing even though it meant giving up his career.

4. What could the first assassination attempt on Adam's father be described as?

5. What would Mr. Grey bring to Monument twice a year when he came to visit the family in Monument?

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