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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adam's father never told Adam all of the information so that he could never __________ anything.
(a) Remember
(b) Believe
(c) Understand
(d) Betray

2. What has Adam done before the interrogation which makes Brint believe he is okay?
(a) Gone for a run
(b) Fixed his bike
(c) Eaten
(d) Laughed

3. Who is waiting for Adam when he bikes up to the front of the building he is drawn to?
(a) Adam's father
(b) Dr. Dupont
(c) Amy Hertz
(d) Mr. Grey

4. Adam realizes that his mother's sadness was actually __________, not the sadness he thought he saw.
(a) Anger
(b) Hunger
(c) Fear
(d) Happiness

5. The wind that is coming up Adam's leg as he bikes is like a ___________.
(a) Dog
(b) Snake
(c) Cat
(d) Fountain

6. What is the description of Adam's skin tones during this session of interrogation?
(a) Flushed
(b) Reddened
(c) Pale
(d) Normal

7. Brint again asks for details about Adam's father's ____________, which disturbs Adam.
(a) Birth certificate
(b) Name
(c) Cellar
(d) Testimony

8. Where did the grey man and Adam's father used to go when they would have to talk to each other?
(a) Kitchen
(b) Cellar
(c) Bathroom
(d) Bedroom

9. With whom did he spend some time at the motel where Adam wants to stay to rest for the night?
(a) Mr. Grey
(b) His parents
(c) His sister
(d) Amy

10. What did Adam take in order to get rid of his headache that has come upon him?
(a) Aspirins
(b) Pepto Bismol
(c) Nothing
(d) Alka-Seltzer

11. Brint tells Adam: "I am always here to _________ you. Remember that."
(a) Listen to
(b) Hide
(c) Help
(d) Hurt

12. Brint suggests that the day may come when he will not be there for Adam to __________.
(a) Sit with
(b) Talk to
(c) Frustrate
(d) Share with

13. What did Adam say happened to him on his bike, instead of telling the man the truth?
(a) His tire popped
(b) He lost his balance
(c) He was drunk
(d) He was biking too fast

14. What could the first assassination attempt on Adam's father be described as?
(a) A car bomb
(b) A sniper shot
(c) A pipe bomb in the mailbox
(d) A car crash

15. What does the boy do to his mother, which makes Adam angry at the boy?
(a) Nothing
(b) Throws the bike at the ground
(c) Hits his mother
(d) Turns his back on the mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first memory Adam has of the situation with his parents and the secret?

2. What has Adam been refusing whenever someone comes in to check on him?

3. How many annual questionings have been done on Adam according to the final report?

4. Who had called with an emergency when Adam came home from the incomplete Number game?

5. Who did Adam see spinning in the air as they died from the impact of another car hurtling toward the group of people?

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