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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adam talks about the day they left because of the emergency: "It was like _______________ in the beginning."
(a) A vacation
(b) A movie
(c) A spy operation
(d) An adventure

2. What is the name given to Adam Farmer in the annual report that is revealed in this section?
(a) Subject P
(b) Farmer
(c) Subject B
(d) Subject A

3. What would Mr. Grey bring to Monument twice a year when he came to visit the family in Monument?
(a) Candy
(b) Pictures
(c) Money bonus
(d) A relative to visit

4. What does Adam discover about his bike at the beginning of this section?
(a) The gear is off
(b) The seat is missing
(c) The tires are flat
(d) It has been stolen

5. Adam has been refusing to get out of __________, according to the interrogation transcript.
(a) The hospital
(b) The kitchen
(c) Bed
(d) The bathroom

6. The man tells Adam that if he wants to get something, he has to give a ____________.
(a) Damn
(b) Reward
(c) Gift
(d) Wallet

7. Who comes out to talk to the boy as he goes to get the bike?
(a) Mr. Grey
(b) Amy
(c) Adam
(d) The boy's mother

8. What has Adam been refusing whenever someone comes in to check on him?
(a) His father
(b) Food
(c) Movies
(d) Amy's phone calls

9. What had Adam's father used to do for his career before all of the chaos ensued?
(a) Mob boss
(b) Police officer
(c) Insurance agent
(d) Reporter

10. Adam's arm hurts from the _______ used on him at the hospital during his withdrawal period.
(a) Elastic
(b) Scalpels
(c) Needles
(d) Electroshock

11. Who does Adam call into his room in order to talk more about what he remembers?
(a) Dr. Grey
(b) Brint
(c) Paul
(d) Dr. Dupont

12. What did Adam's father notice as they were driving north as they were escaping from a supposed emergency?
(a) A flat tire
(b) A forest fire
(c) Dogs in the road
(d) A car following them

13. Brint suggests that the day may come when he will not be there for Adam to __________.
(a) Sit with
(b) Share with
(c) Frustrate
(d) Talk to

14. _____________ bought the insurance company for Anthony so that he could start his life over.
(a) The government
(b) Mr. Grey
(c) The mob
(d) Adam's mom

15. What was the religious denomination of Adam's mother when she was growing up? She was allowed to keep this religious affiliation.
(a) Baptist
(b) Catholic
(c) Jewish
(d) Protestant

Short Answer Questions

1. Adam realizes that his mother's sadness was actually __________, not the sadness he thought he saw.

2. How many annual questionings have been done on Adam according to the final report?

3. The report states that it is __________ to get the sought after information from Adam.

4. Adam's father never told Adam all of the information so that he could never __________ anything.

5. What did Adam say happened to him on his bike, instead of telling the man the truth?

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