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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the old man at the rest stop and the boy look at when the boy stops in Aswell on his bike trip?
(a) A map
(b) Magazine
(c) A soda
(d) A car

2. Where does Adam go to hide after making his startling discovery in his father's desk?
(a) The cave
(b) His bedroom
(c) Bathroom
(d) Cellar

3. Adam believes that this man is the only real __________ he has to the mystery in his mind.
(a) Clue
(b) Blank
(c) Puzzle
(d) Answer

4. What does the man on the phone tell Adam he has been doing all day?
(a) Talking to Adam's teachers
(b) Staying in bed sick
(c) Looking for Adam's friend
(d) Talking to Adam's father

5. What happens to the weather as Adam is setting out again on his bike journey?
(a) Winds begin
(b) Sunshine comes out
(c) It begins to rain
(d) A fog is rolling in

6. Adam enters a phone booth and tries to place a call to ___________ in order to soothe himself.
(a) His mother
(b) Allison Hertz
(c) His father
(d) Amy Hertz

7. Who discusses the way the novel has been written in the Introduction of the book?
(a) Dr. Brint
(b) Adam Farmer
(c) Mr. Grey
(d) Robert Cormier

8. The boy has enough money in his pocket to travel by _______, but he prefers to travel by bike as it's less confined.
(a) Bus
(b) Train
(c) Plane
(d) Boat

9. What does Adam begin to sing as he is continuing his journey on his bike?
(a) Happy Birthday
(b) The song to Rocky
(c) The family song
(d) Nothing

10. The boy wants to make the bike trip without any _________, so he puts them in the garbage disposal.
(a) Grapes
(b) Raisins
(c) Pills
(d) Food packages

11. Adam admits that he didn't know who Paul was ______________, but doesn't answer when Brint pokes further.
(a) In relation to Amy
(b) At the beginning
(c) Trying to connect him to
(d) In his life

12. Adam doesn't think the place where he's at smells like a ___________, so he is confused as to where he is.
(a) Hospital
(b) Jail
(c) School
(d) Home

13. In what state does Adam think he was born, according to what his birth certificate says and his father told him?
(a) Vermont
(b) Pennsylvania
(c) Massachusetts
(d) Rhode Island

14. Adam doesn't feel he deserves happiness, courage, and _____________.
(a) Independence
(b) Understanding
(c) Truth
(d) Love

15. What kind of club meeting did Adam tell his mother he was attending, even though he was really going out with Amy?
(a) Literary
(b) Chess
(c) French
(d) Band

Short Answer Questions

1. Adam is afraid that __________ will laugh at him if he reveals any of the concerns he has about his family.

2. Where were Adam and his father headed when they had to jump into the alley and into the woods?

3. Adam, when he wakes up in a fright, believes himself to be an ____________ person, in an unknown land.

4. What is the scent of perfume that the boy remembers as being something his mother used to wear?

5. Where does Adam think about leaving his bike in order to keep it safe and sound?

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