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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The doctor is trying to get Adam to talk, but notes that Adam has stepped ____________ himself.
(a) Within
(b) Outside
(c) Inside
(d) Alongside

2. The __________ is no longer smooth for Adam, but is full of ruts and of holes.
(a) Padding
(b) Road
(c) Bike
(d) Package

3. Where was Adam determined to prove that they lived, as his father told him this was the case?
(a) Boston
(b) Rutterburg
(c) Monument
(d) Rawlings

4. What does Adam now wish he had used when he was back in Aswell at the rest stop?
(a) The shade
(b) The bathroom
(c) The phone
(d) The air pump

5. Adam is distressed as he feels as if he cannot even get a _______________ correct.
(a) Bike ride
(b) Secret
(c) Phone number
(d) Name

6. Who is in the role of the interrogator at the start of this book's interrogation scenes?
(a) Brint
(b) Mr. Grey
(c) Adam Farmer
(d) Paul Delmonte

7. Where is the game that Amy invented played at, preferably during a very busy time?
(a) Drug store
(b) Grocery store
(c) Playground
(d) Restaurant

8. What does Amy talk like in order to make Adam laugh and to keep him from becoming too serious?
(a) A giraffe
(b) A pig
(c) A fairy
(d) Wise guy

9. The boy that is bothering Adam tries to take his ________ away from him, but Adam prevails.
(a) Bike
(b) Package
(c) Coat
(d) Hat

10. The name Adam Farmer means __________ to Adam at this point of his life.
(a) Fear
(b) Farmer
(c) Nothing
(d) Everything

11. Where does Adam think about leaving his bike in order to keep it safe and sound?
(a) The restaurant
(b) The police station
(c) The library
(d) The gas station

12. What did Adam steal in order to get into his father's desk where all the important papers were kept?
(a) A credit card
(b) A lock picking kit
(c) The combination
(d) The key

13. Adam resolves to call __________ at the next phone booth he finds when he is on his journey.
(a) Brint
(b) Paul
(c) His father
(d) Amy

14. What does Adam begin to sing as he is continuing his journey on his bike?
(a) The song to Rocky
(b) Nothing
(c) The family song
(d) Happy Birthday

15. Adam enters a phone booth and tries to place a call to ___________ in order to soothe himself.
(a) Allison Hertz
(b) His father
(c) Amy Hertz
(d) His mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man on the telephone say to Adam when he calls his number?

2. What is the familiar childhood song the boy sings to himself whenever he needs to be consoled?

3. How many birthdays did Adam Farmer have, according to the information Adam found in his father's desk?

4. Adam doesn't feel he deserves happiness, courage, and _____________.

5. Cormier used a __________ morning exercise to spark his creative output, which led to the writing of this book.

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