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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Adam steal in order to get into his father's desk where all the important papers were kept?
(a) The combination
(b) A credit card
(c) The key
(d) A lock picking kit

2. Adam believes that this man is the only real __________ he has to the mystery in his mind.
(a) Blank
(b) Answer
(c) Puzzle
(d) Clue

3. What person does the interrogator ask the boy about when they are sitting down for another interrogation?
(a) Andy Delmonte
(b) Allison Hertz
(c) Paul Delmonte
(d) Priscilla

4. Where does Adam wake up in a panic in the middle of the night?
(a) Hospital room
(b) His home
(c) Hotel
(d) Rest stop

5. What does the man on the telephone say to Adam when he calls his number?
(a) Adam has the wrong number
(b) Adam has to leave a message
(c) Adam is a stalker
(d) Adam is crazy

6. Adam hears the approach of a ____________ coming up on the road behind him.
(a) Bike
(b) Dog
(c) Train
(d) Car

7. Adam is watching himself with the ___________ from a different point of view.
(a) Old man
(b) Dog
(c) Pig
(d) Doctor

8. Adam is afraid that __________ will laugh at him if he reveals any of the concerns he has about his family.
(a) Amy
(b) His brother
(c) His father
(d) His mother

9. What kind of car blows its horn to distract the dog and to keep Adam from being harmed?
(a) Saab
(b) Mazerati
(c) Volkswagen
(d) Porsche

10. The boy that is bothering Adam tries to take his ________ away from him, but Adam prevails.
(a) Coat
(b) Package
(c) Hat
(d) Bike

11. Where is the game that Amy invented played at, preferably during a very busy time?
(a) Restaurant
(b) Drug store
(c) Playground
(d) Grocery store

12. Adam has always wondered what made his mother so ________ whenever he looked at her.
(a) Happy
(b) Mad
(c) Confused
(d) Sad

13. What do the troublemakers hit Adam with as he is sitting at the table, thinking about where to put his bike?
(a) Straw wrappers
(b) Popcorn
(c) Gum
(d) Stones

14. The doctor is trying to get Adam to talk, but notes that Adam has stepped ____________ himself.
(a) Outside
(b) Alongside
(c) Within
(d) Inside

15. The wrong number that Adam dials is just another block to keep him from discovering another __________.
(a) Person he knows
(b) Truth
(c) Love
(d) Piece of his identity

Short Answer Questions

1. Adam yells out that he is going __________, even though he answers himself that this is not going to happen.

2. What is the scent of perfume that the boy remembers as being something his mother used to wear?

3. Adam doesn't think the place where he's at smells like a ___________, so he is confused as to where he is.

4. Who comes to Adam's side when he is dealing with his anxiety attack of sorts?

5. The boy has enough money in his pocket to travel by _______, but he prefers to travel by bike as it's less confined.

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