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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Brint notes that Adam is alert and that his eyes are ___________.
(a) Closed
(b) Bright
(c) Empty
(d) Glazed over

2. What was the religious denomination of Adam's mother when she was growing up? She was allowed to keep this religious affiliation.
(a) Jewish
(b) Protestant
(c) Baptist
(d) Catholic

3. Who makes up the annual report that is being described in this final section of the book?
(a) Mr. Grey
(b) Brint
(c) Anthony Delmonte
(d) Adam Farmer

4. Brint asks Adam is his troubles begin when he is __________, remembering, and that it might be unpleasant.
(a) Thinking
(b) Lying
(c) Hiding
(d) Hurting

5. What could the first assassination attempt on Adam's father be described as?
(a) A car bomb
(b) A pipe bomb in the mailbox
(c) A car crash
(d) A sniper shot

Short Answer Questions

1. How many speeds does the boy's bike have on it, by his own account at the start of the story?

2. Who does Adam think is now threatening him after he tries to make the phone call?

3. Adam decides he does not want to look any further into the truth about _________.

4. ___________ attempts to start a session with Adam during this interrogation transcript section.

5. Adam recalls that Brint asked Adam about ______________ at the beginning.

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