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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ___________ was proud of Anthony for doing the right thing even though it meant giving up his career.
(a) Brint
(b) Amy
(c) Mr. Grey
(d) Adam

2. _____________ bought the insurance company for Anthony so that he could start his life over.
(a) The government
(b) The mob
(c) Adam's mom
(d) Mr. Grey

3. What was the name for the grey man that Adam finally seems to remember during the interrogation?
(a) Delmonte
(b) Grayson
(c) Brint
(d) Grey

4. How often did the grey many come to visit Adam and his family when they were all a part of each other's lives?
(a) Every day
(b) He lived with them
(c) Twice a week
(d) Twice a month

5. What kind of car blows its horn to distract the dog and to keep Adam from being harmed?
(a) Porsche
(b) Saab
(c) Mazerati
(d) Volkswagen

Short Answer Questions

1. The __________ is no longer smooth for Adam, but is full of ruts and of holes.

2. What had the old man seen sticking out of the ditch, which alerted them to the presence of Adam?

3. What was the religious denomination of Adam's mother when she was growing up? She was allowed to keep this religious affiliation.

4. What is a word that might be used to describe Adam's current state of mind?

5. Adam begins to talk excitedly about the _________ man that is in his memory.

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