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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has gotten wet as a result of the weather that starts up?
(a) Adam's newspaper
(b) Adam's package
(c) The dog
(d) The food Adam bought

2. Adam has always wondered what made his mother so ________ whenever he looked at her.
(a) Happy
(b) Mad
(c) Confused
(d) Sad

3. What happens to the weather as Adam is setting out again on his bike journey?
(a) Sunshine comes out
(b) A fog is rolling in
(c) It begins to rain
(d) Winds begin

4. What did Adam steal in order to get into his father's desk where all the important papers were kept?
(a) The key
(b) A credit card
(c) The combination
(d) A lock picking kit

5. The _________ in Adam increases, though he tries not to take a pill or a shot to calm down.
(a) Happiness
(b) Panic
(c) Pain
(d) Hunger

Short Answer Questions

1. Cormier used a __________ morning exercise to spark his creative output, which led to the writing of this book.

2. The boy wants to make the bike trip without any _________, so he puts them in the garbage disposal.

3. What is the scent of perfume that the boy remembers as being something his mother used to wear?

4. Where were Adam and his father headed when they had to jump into the alley and into the woods?

5. What kind of car blows its horn to distract the dog and to keep Adam from being harmed?

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