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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adam hears the approach of a ____________ coming up on the road behind him.
(a) Bike
(b) Dog
(c) Car
(d) Train

2. What was the government identification number that was used to identity Mr. Grey?
(a) 3333
(b) 2134
(c) He didn't have one.
(d) 2222

3. The __________ is no longer smooth for Adam, but is full of ruts and of holes.
(a) Bike
(b) Padding
(c) Road
(d) Package

4. Where does Adam go to hide after making his startling discovery in his father's desk?
(a) The cave
(b) Bathroom
(c) His bedroom
(d) Cellar

5. What did Adam steal in order to get into his father's desk where all the important papers were kept?
(a) The combination
(b) A lock picking kit
(c) A credit card
(d) The key

Short Answer Questions

1. Where would Adam's mother sometimes talk even though it went against Mr. Grey's rules?

2. Adam is glad to be leaving Carver and getting away from the ___________, the troublemakers.

3. Adam's mom is afraid of the things that could happen, also known as the _______________.

4. Where was Adam determined to prove that they lived, as his father told him this was the case?

5. How many birthdays did Adam Farmer have, according to the information Adam found in his father's desk?

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