I Am the Cheese Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Introduction | Section 1

* The author describes how he came to write this book.

* A young man is riding a bike from Monument, MA, to Rutterburg, VT, to visit his dad.

* The boy recalls his friend Amy Hertz and misses her.

* The boy wants to make the trip without pills.

Section 2 | Section 3

* Brint is interrogating the young man.

* The young man remembers his mother and father talking in another room.

* The young man leaves on a bus with his mom and dad in the middle of the night, never to return home.

* The boy does not know the reason for the move.

* The boy is continuing on his bike trip, asking for directions, and deciding to stay in a hotel.

* The old man tells the boy not to trust anyone.

Section 4 | Section 5

* The interrogator asks the boy about Paul Delmonte and Amy Hertz.

* The boy on his bike begins to...

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