Objects & Places from I Will Always Write Back

Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda
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Chisamba Singles

This is a housing development for rural men who work in Mutare during the week. Often crowded with poor families, his place would be known in America as a slum.


This is a cornmeal porridge and staple of Zimbabwean meals.


This is the third-largest city in Zimbabwe and where the male narrator lives.


This is a popular alcoholic beverage made from sorghum or maize. It is less expensive than beer.


This is the Shona word for people with white skin.

Reebok T-Shirt

This is what the female narrator sends to her pen pal as a birthday. More than a simple gift, it is a symbol of American wealth.

Marist Brothers School

This place is considered the best school in Zimbabwe. It is only for boys.


This drug, common in the United States, is used to treat malaria. It is not provided...

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