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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapters 9 and 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Tituba not face in Part 1, Chapters 3, 4, and 5?
(a) Marriage.
(b) Pregnancy.
(c) Spiritual visions.
(d) Moving to a new country.

2. How does Tituba feel about Christianity?
(a) It makes her uneasy.
(b) It comforts her.
(c) It makes her acknowledge her dark past.
(d) It makes her feel more spiritual.

3. What does Tituba use on the window sill as a focus for her imaginings?
(a) A dead mouse.
(b) A bowl of water.
(c) A vase and a flower.
(d) A clean towel.

4. Whom does Tituba describe as a mere "accomplice"?
(a) Betsey.
(b) God.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Elizabeth.

5. Who does Tituba begin to mistrust in Part 1, Chapter 9?
(a) Betsey.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Anne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is John's faith?

2. Ms. Endicott tells Tituba that she will be sold to a man fitting which description?

3. Who does Tituba hear humming her poem?

4. What does the activist in the Forward say the text is a metaphor for?

5. What seems to play a significant role in Titiuba's life in Boston?

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