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Barbados - This is the setting for the first and last parts of the novel and the place where Tituba feels the most profound spiritual connection.

The Darnell Plantation - This is the place where Tituba lives for the first years of her life.

Tituba's Cabin - This is where Tituba moves after her parents die.

The Endicott Plantation - This is where Tituba follows John Indian.

Boston - This is where Tituba goes when she is sold by Susanna to a pastor.

Salem - This town is small, spiritually isolated, and morally corrupt.

The Salem Witch Trials - This is an event that occurred in the 1690s.

The Ipswich Prison - This is where Tituba is placed after she is convicted on charges of witchcraft.

Plants and Herbs - This is what Tituba studies and relies on for healing properties.

Tituba's Bowl - This is...

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