I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Tituba - This character is the protagonist and narrator.

Abena and Yao - These characters are the protagonist's parents.

Mama Yaya - This character is an elderly and eccentric person who adopts the protagonist.

John Indian - This character is the protagonist's husband and lover.

Susanna Endicott - This character is an elderly white woman who owns a slave.

Samuel Parris - This character is a white male Christian pastor who is puritanical and obsessive.

Elizabeth and Betsey Parris - These characters are the wife and daughter of a pastor, and both are friendly to the protagonist.

Abigail Williams - This character is portrayed as a liar and manipulator, always looking to take advantage of others.

Hester (Prynne) - This character is a woman the protagonist encounters in prison, because she has been found guilty of adultery and discovered to be pregnant.

Benjamin Cohen d'Azevedo - This...

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