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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the boy genius of the musical world in the Sixties?

2. Where did the Revue hit the big time in 1969?

3. Where did Tina realize that the change she needed was going to come?

4. How did the hotel manager know Tina was in danger?

5. Which Al Green song did Tina record and have a big hit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the circumstances of Tina's falling ill with tuberculosis?

2. Although "River Deep-Mountain High" was a flop in America, it was a hit in Europe and launched what phase of Tina's life?

3. How was Tina able to get a hotel room in Dallas with no money?

4. How did Tina manage to get away from Ike in Dallas?

5. How did Davies manage to get Tina's single career launched in the United States?

6. How did Tina's career begin to transition after her divorce from Ike?

7. How did Tina finally secure a record contract with Capitol Records as a single artist?

8. What were the circumstances around Tina's abortion?

9. What was Tina's role in TOMMY and who were some of the other stars involved?

10. How did Tina inform Ike that she wanted a divorce and how did she take care of herself in the meantime?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the role of women in the rural South in the mid-twentieth century. What precedents did they feel compelled to follow? What restrictions did they have? What freedoms did they have that 21st century women do not have? What belief system about black women would Tina have carried with her throughout her life? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Hatred takes on an almost human persona in second part of the book. What was the source of the hatred? Why was the hatred pervasive? What is this literary technique called? Cite examples that support this position.

Essay Topic 3

The theme of struggling with personal identity is an important one in this book. Describe how it extends through setting, characters and issues and provide examples for each.

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