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1. What was Tina Turner's given name and where was she born?

Anna Mae Bullock, later to be known as Tina Turner, was born in the small farming community of Nut Bush, Tennessee. The region was sparsely populated with poor farmers, but rich with beautiful foliage.

2. Describe Tina Turner as a child.

Tina was born with light brown skin, reddish hair and the bone structure inherited from her mother's Indian heritage. Tina was an energetic child who is full of life.

3. Describe Tina's older sister.

Tina's sister, Alline, is three years older than Tina. Though Tina loved her older sister dearly, Alline is on a slower track in life than the faster-moving Tina.

4. What was the source of detachment that Tina felt from her mother?

Tina loved her mother but feels she did not want a second child. She loved her mom somewhat from afar and felt a detachment from her mother that lingered for years.

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