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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3: First Love.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alline is ________________ older than Tina.
(a) One year.
(b) Three years.
(c) Two years.
(d) Five years.

2. What was Tina's first impression of Ike Turner?
(a) He was really tall.
(b) He was chunky.
(c) He was gorgeous.
(d) He was ugly.

3. What was Tina's relationship with her mother?
(a) Close.
(b) Inseparable.
(c) Detached.
(d) Cordial.

4. What was Tina's relationship with her sister?
(a) Very close.
(b) Nonexistent.
(c) Close.
(d) Detached.

5. In what city was Tina Turner born?
(a) Nutbush, Tennessee.
(b) Tupelo, Mississippi.
(c) Little Rock, Arkansas.
(d) Memphis, Tennessee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What historical event occurs in 1941 that also changes Tina's life?

2. Who was the first boy Tina loved?

3. What is Tina's sister's name?

4. Who is Tina's mother?

5. Where did Tina move to be with her mother?

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