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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The robots in “Little Lost Robot” have been programmed with a modified version of the First Law, removing what provision?
(a) A robot will kill others.
(b) A robot will follow human commands.
(c) A robot will save itself from harm.
(d) A robot will not let a human come to harm.

2. What is the population of the Tropic Region in “The Evitable Conflict”?
(a) 1,700,000,000.
(b) 7,500,000.
(c) 4,000,000.
(d) 500,000,000.

3. What is Ashe’s first name in the novel?
(a) Mark.
(b) Alfred.
(c) Milton.
(d) James.

4. Bogert is the head of what department at U.S. Robots in the novel?
(a) Marketing.
(b) Manufacturing.
(c) Mathematics.
(d) Customer Service.

5. Herbie has developed the ability to do what in “Liar!”?
(a) Create an atomic transporter.
(b) Read human minds.
(c) Detect gold.
(d) Create man.

6. What Latin theatrical term does Dr. Calvin refer to in “The Evitable Conflict”?
(a) Deus ex machina.
(b) Antagonist.
(c) Protagonist.
(d) Omniscient narrator.

7. What is the Capital of the Eastern Region in “The Evitable Conflict”?
(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) Shanghai.
(c) New York.
(d) New Delhi.

8. Stephen Byerley went on to become the first what in his political career, according to Dr. Calvin in “Evidence”?
(a) Robotic Governor.
(b) Global President.
(c) World Co-ordinator.
(d) Robotic Emperor.

9. The area of the Tropic Region covers how many square miles in “The Evitable Conflict”?
(a) 1,700,000,000.
(b) 4,000,000.
(c) 7,500,000.
(d) 22,000,000.

10. Who causes Herbie to self-destruct in “Liar!”?
(a) Bogert.
(b) Calvin.
(c) Speedy.
(d) Powell.

11. Bogert asks Herbie whether he's picked up anything in Lanning's thoughts about plans to do what in “Liar!”?
(a) Sell his house.
(b) Get married.
(c) Retire.
(d) Get divorced.

12. In what year did the Regions of Earth form a Federation, according to Dr. Calvin in “Evidence”?
(a) 2061.
(b) 2044.
(c) 1999.
(d) 2011.

13. What is the missing robot referred to as in “Little Lost Robot”?
(a) Speedy.
(b) Cutie.
(c) Nestor 10.
(d) Herby.

14. Of hearing of the modifications made to the robots in “Little Lost Robot,” Dr. Calvin suggests what?
(a) The robots all be destroyed.
(b) The robots all be modified.
(c) The robots be sent to Earth.
(d) The robots all be reprogrammed.

15. According to Calvin in “Liar!,” the kind of harm referred to in the First Law is expanding to include the concept of what in Herbie?
(a) Emotional pain.
(b) Existential dilemma.
(c) Hypothetical pain.
(d) Physical pain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the military officer in charge of the experiments in “Little Lost Robot”?

2. Where are Dr. Calvin and the Co-ordinator in the beginning of “The Evitable Conflict”?

3. How many days have Donovan and Powell been on the ship when the encounter the interstellar jump in “Escape!”?

4. Calvin and Bogert are brought to the base because one of their robots of what model has disappeared in “Little Lost Robot”?

5. The Eastern Region in “The Evitable Conflict” covers an area of how many square miles?

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