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Wally Lamb
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ralph takes offense to a teacher's presentation on ____________ in his history class.
(a) Slavery.
(b) Louisiana Purchase.
(c) Civil War.
(d) Manifest Destiny.

2. What is the language in which the life story of Papa is written, which is why the family never had it translated?
(a) Italian.
(b) Greek.
(c) Spanish.
(d) French.

3. Who is the twin that accidentally locks himself in the bathroom, almost ruining the trip?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Ralph.
(c) Dominick.
(d) Penny.

4. What is the terminal disease that Thomas and Dominick's mother eventually dies from?
(a) Heart disease.
(b) Diabetes.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Lupus.

5. Ma takes the boys to the Back to School Festival of ___________ at the movie theater when they are in third grade.
(a) Books.
(b) Songs.
(c) Fun.
(d) Animals.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dominick was a child, someone locked a ____________ in a firebox and it died in terror, which makes Dominick terrified.

2. Dominick is assured that the practitioner who gives Thomas more medication is a patient _____________ who is looking out for Thomas' best interests.

3. Lisa Sheffer, a ____________, calls Dominick to see how he's doing after the rough night he's had, leaving him a message on his phone.

4. Thomas buys a book on ___________ and makes his girlfriend read the stories to him while he pleasures himself.

5. Thomas has episodes of ________________ in which he obsesses about something and is unable to let it go.

Short Essay Questions

1. To what does Dominick attribute the meanness of Ray towards Thomas when he is arguing with Joy?

2. What does Leo suggest to Dominick when he comes to pick him up during this part of the book?

3. When does Dominick next see Penny's twin brother after Penny's death, in this story?

4. What happens in the story of Bhagirath that Patel tells to Dominick when they are in a session together?

5. How does Dominick endanger himself when he is out with Leo during the summer of 1969?

6. What is the long range goal of Patel when she is working with Thomas, a goal she tells Dominick about?

7. Why do Ray and Ma fight over sending Dominick and Thomas to college during the time of the Vietnam War?

8. What does Ma forbid the boys from telling their stepfather when they are coming back from the movie theater?

9. Why does Dell decide to lower the price of the used car that he is trying to sell to Leo, in this story?

10. What are the guidelines for Dominick being able to visit Thomas when he is at the center?

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