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Wally Lamb
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Judy Yup is willing to testify that ___________ is oppression when she sees the extent of Dominick's injuries.
(a) Oppression.
(b) Anger.
(c) Intention.
(d) Brutality.

2. Ray is the stepfather who works the third shift at ____________ when the twins are growing up with their Ma.
(a) Second Sail.
(b) First Ship.
(c) Fourth Mutiny.
(d) Third Boat.

3. Dell and his wife are arrested for having __________ as Ralph turns them in for this crime.
(a) Marijuana.
(b) Child pornography.
(c) Killed a child.
(d) Cocaine messengers.

4. Who refuses to consider Thomas' antiwar act heroic, which is not surprising, given their relationship?
(a) Dominick.
(b) Ma.
(c) Pa.
(d) Ray.

5. What is the diagnosis which has been given to Thomas, in which he hears voices and sees hallucinations?
(a) Bipolar disorder.
(b) Paranoid schizophrenia.
(c) Dissociative Identity Disorder.
(d) He has no diagnosis.

6. Leo insists that being a ____________ major makes him an expert on homosexuality, though he has never been tempted.
(a) Science.
(b) Theater.
(c) Literature.
(d) Math.

7. Sheffer tries to bond with Dominick, comparing him to the literary figure _______________.
(a) Oliver.
(b) Don Quixote.
(c) Mr. Darcy.
(d) Sam.

8. ___________ retains grief at having been too busy at the end of a semester to enjoy the new baby.
(a) Joy.
(b) Dominick.
(c) Dessa.
(d) Thomas.

9. Billy Covington is the man who dies in Vietnam, a man who idolized _____________, though the reader doesn't learn much more.
(a) The Pope.
(b) Jesus.
(c) Spiderman.
(d) Superman.

10. What is the name of the manager at the movie theater which other people in the room call him?
(a) Bug eyes.
(b) Screen man.
(c) White sheet.
(d) Bulgy Eyes.

11. Who does Dominick visit in order to tell them about Thomas, though this person is not awake and Dominick does not wake them?
(a) Ray.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Ma.

12. Dominick believes that __________ is a bully, but that he is not inhuman as the tapes seem to make him.
(a) Ray.
(b) Leo.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Ralph.

13. Who is the person that destroys the typewriter in a fit of rage at Ma during the past?
(a) Ray.
(b) Dessa.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Dominick.

14. When Dominick was a child, someone locked a ____________ in a firebox and it died in terror, which makes Dominick terrified.
(a) Snake.
(b) Squirrel.
(c) Rabbit.
(d) Cat.

15. Dominick is troubled by the obscure _________ that Thomas has left for him as well.
(a) Note.
(b) Gift.
(c) Meal.
(d) Glass.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose abuse is focused on in the therapy tapes which Dominick and Patel listen to?

2. Who does Dominick believe is simply weighing him down in his life, causing him to be stuck?

3. In a biblical passage, _________ tells the disciples to cut off the body parts which offend in order to avoiding burning in hell.

4. Who goes to church when he/she is young, even though it seems to be opposite his/her personality and beliefs?

5. Who does Dominick find out wants to talk to him, per a message left by his girlfriend, Joy?

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