I Know This Much Is True Short Essay - Answer Key

Wally Lamb
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1. What does Dominick grow impatient with when he is talking with his brother a day before the amputation?

Dominick grows impatient with his brother's incessant ranting about the Armageddon and misses the sign about the arm being cut off.

2. What happens when Dominick takes Thomas to the hospital after his amputation during the beginning of the book?

Thomas refuses to get his hand reattached after the amputation in protest of the war in the Persian Gulf.

3. What does Ma do when the television explodes, according to Dominick's memory from 1958?

Ma grabs the photo album from the house when the television suddenly explodes in 1958, talking to her son about its contents.

4. What happens to the memoir by Papa which Dominick decides he wants to translate for himself?

The memoir by Papa is taken to a translator, Nedra Frank, who subsequently vanishes with the text and it is not seen again for a while.

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