I Know This Much Is True Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wally Lamb
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Chapters 1-4

• Thomas amputates his right hand to protest Operation Desert Shield.

• The twins' mom tells them about her Papa, whose life story she has never read.

• Thomas is transported to the hospital and wonders why his stepfather doesn't visit.

• Dominick tries to contact Settle, Thomas' usual home.

Chapters 5-8

• In 1958, Ma takes the boys to a movie theater.

• Ray beats Thomas at dinner for being a namby pamby.

• Dominick wants to get Thomas out to get even with Robocop.

• Dominick promised to look out for Thomas before their mother died.

• The boys receive a typewriter upon their graduation from high school.

• Thomas is put on academic probation at college and takes too many No-Doz.

Chapters 9-12

• Dominick visits Sheffer's office and learns he can not get Thomas out in under fifteen days.

• In sixth grade, the twins went on a field trip to Radio City Music Hall...

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