Objects & Places from I, Juan de Pareja

Elizabeth B. de Trevino
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Seville - Juan is born here and lives here until he is 9 years old.

Madrid - Juan is escorted here by the cruel muleteer, Carmelo, after his mother dies.

Italy - To Juan, the cities of this place seem dirtier than those of his homeland, and the people seem less friendly.

Toto - This is a spaniel, a tiny lap dog. Along with Juan, he is deserted by the servants during the plague.

The Studio - This is a large room on the second floor of the painter's home. It is almost bare, except for the easels and a chair or two.

The Earring - When Zulema dies, she leaves this to Juan as his inheritance.

The Real - This is given to Juan as he is traveling and symbolizes kindness, and Juan is especially disappointed when it is stolen by the muleteer, Carmelo.

Mooshi - This...

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