I, Juan de Pareja Fun Activities

Elizabeth B. de Trevino
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Art Show

Have the students each create a work of personal art and display it all together. Discuss why creating things like this would be so appealing to a person like Juan.

Artist Review

Display some famous works by the artists that are talked about in this book. Have an expert talk about what made these artists and their work so famous.

Don Diego's Masterpieces

Display some of Don Diego's masterpieces. Have the students write a response about how these pieces make them feel.


Have the students come up with a better bargain that Juan could have presented to Don Minas before agreeing to work for him for so long.

The Plague

Have a doctor come to class and talk about the Plague. Have them explain what the symptoms were, and why this was such a feared disease during that time in history.


Have the students...

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