I, Juan de Pareja Character Descriptions

Elizabeth B. de Trevino
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Juan de Pareja - This deeply religious character must go to work as a pageboy at the age of six, following the death of his mother.

Don Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velbzquez - This character is thin, dark and silent. He is an unassuming man of few words, preferring to speak through his paintings.

Dosa Juana de Miranda Pacheco Velbzquez - This character is plump and round, a bustling woman and a competent housekeeper.

Zulema - This character is a beautiful black slave who works as a seamstress and dies of a mysterious illness when her son is just five.

Dosa Emilia de Silva y Rodriguez - This character is a young, capricious woman from Portugal who is religious, and attends Mass every day.

Don Basilio de Silva y Rodriguez - This character is slender, dark and sickly. He eats little and soon suffers a relapse...

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