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Livia Bitton-Jackson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why had the woman in charge of the barracks paid a horrible price for her survival?
(a) She was very thin.
(b) She killed other inmates.
(c) She was terribly mean.
(d) She bribed the guards.

2. For what does Old Mr. Stern pray?
(a) The long road that lies ahead.
(b) Everyone's safe return.
(c) Safety for children.
(d) Courage and bravery for the men.

3. When Elli returns to her school, what award does she learn she received?
(a) Honorable Mention.
(b) Honor Scroll.
(c) First place.
(d) She did not receive an award.

4. The night before the men are to leave for work camp, what does Laura's father spend time doing?
(a) Resting his eyes.
(b) Reading the Talmud.
(c) Preparing food.
(d) Talking to his wife.

5. At the start of the book, why do the Hungarian police bother Elli's family?
(a) The police have complete control over the Jewish population.
(b) The police do not like Elli's father.
(c) The police know that Bubi is smart.
(d) The police know the family has hidden money.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what are the women punished at Auschwitz?

2. At Auschwitz, what clothes do the women receive?

3. On what does Elli's poetry focus?

4. What does Aunt Serena do with dishes before leaving on May 2?

5. What surrendered possession bothers Elli the most?

Short Essay Questions

1. At first, how do the military guards treat the women, and how do the women respond at Augsburg?

2. From Elli's father's stance on ambition, what do readers learn about him?

3. What honesty does the chapter "Teen Vanity" bring to the book?

4. What do Elli, her family, and other Jews do when they arrive at the ghetto?

5. What do Elli and Laura do with the saved soup? Why?

6. What does Elli's father spend his last night doing before he leaves for a labor camp, and what does this tell readers about him?

7. Why do soldiers make members of the ghetto surrender all books, documents, and photos?

8. Why are the military guards so confused at Augsburg, and what does this say about Elli's condition?

9. Describe Laura's "lack of affection."

10. What is Elli's internal conflict about making parts for German aircraft?

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