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Livia Bitton-Jackson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bubbi's father react when he sees the story later in the papers?
(a) He considers going to Budapest in search of Bubi.
(b) He writes the paper a letter.
(c) He doesn't believe the paper.
(d) He calls Bubi at school.

2. As the guards order women to take their blankets inside, what do they do to the women?
(a) Shoot at them.
(b) Slap their wrists.
(c) Steal their food.
(d) Hit them on the head.

3. At the start of the book, how does Elli spend her days?
(a) Helping her father at the restaurant.
(b) Reading and writing for school.
(c) In typical pursuits of young girls of her age.
(d) Sitting at home with her mother.

4. Why had the woman in charge of the barracks paid a horrible price for her survival?
(a) She killed other inmates.
(b) She was terribly mean.
(c) She bribed the guards.
(d) She was very thin.

5. What are the overall living conditions in "The Ghetto" for Jewish families?
(a) They know no one, and the place is filthy.
(b) They are under heavy guard with limited space.
(c) They are comfortable and happy.
(d) The families steal from each to survive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the penalty for Christians who socialize with Jews?

2. What do Elli and her mother do with their first serving of food at Auschwitz?

3. During selection, what warning does Elli receive?

4. How far is Nagymagyar from Elli's home?

5. The night before the men are to leave for work camp, what does Laura's father spend time doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. From Elli's father's stance on ambition, what do readers learn about him?

2. What is Elli's fear as she and Laura leave Auschwitz the first time?

3. Why is the first chapter titled "The City of My Dreams"?

4. Why do soldiers make members of the ghetto surrender all books, documents, and photos?

5. What reactions does Elli's poetry bring from her parents?

6. What does the new rule that Jews are not to socialize at all with Christians do to Elli and her family?

7. What does the color 'yellow' symbolize in Elli's life?

8. Why does Aunt Serena become so agitated the night before they leave for work camp?

9. Why is Bubi's reaction to the law concerning yellow stars typical of his personality?

10. What is the mood when the women smell gas behind closed doors?

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