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Livia Bitton-Jackson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the local people say concerning the concentration camps?
(a) They stole money from them.
(b) They could not break into them.
(c) They sneaked food in them.
(d) They knew nothing of them.

2. As the women traveled, what makes them feel better?
(a) Sleep.
(b) The cooling air temperature.
(c) People cheering them on.
(d) Food.

3. A local woman thinks that Elli is __________years old.
(a) Thirty-nine.
(b) Sixty-two.
(c) Fifty.
(d) Ten.

4. At Waldlager, when does Bubi begin talking?
(a) After the guards disappear.
(b) When Laura brings him soup.
(c) When Elli speaks of their father.
(d) After Elli helps him by giving him bread.

5. What time do Elli and Laura take a daily lunch break?
(a) 1:30 p.m.
(b) Noon.
(c) 11:00 a.m.
(d) They never receive a lunch break.

6. How do the guards carry out an act of decimation?
(a) Prisoners work without food or water.
(b) Prisoners are forced awake for days.
(c) Prisoners form a line, and every tenth one is shot.
(d) Prisoners must choose which one dies.

7. At the Muhldorf train station, Elli and Laura lose sight of whom?
(a) Bubi.
(b) Each other.
(c) Aunt Celia.
(d) The SS guards.

8. When the guards give the women new clothes at Augsburg, what does Elli receive?
(a) Ugly pants and a thin shirt.
(b) A pink dress and worn coat.
(c) A rough dress and small shoes.
(d) Comfortable shoes and a warm coat.

9. What is Laura's assignment at Waldlager?
(a) Scrubbing the floors.
(b) Working in the kitchen.
(c) Organizing clothes.
(d) Cleaning the stables.

10. What is Elli's punishment for visiting her mother every morning at the infirmary?
(a) Cleaning all night.
(b) A whipping.
(c) Kneeling for twenty-four hours.
(d) Not eating for a day.

11. During the women's first night at Augsburg, how do guards feed them?
(a) They were not fed.
(b) The same as always.
(c) A reasonable amount of good food.
(d) Very poorly.

12. What do Elli and Laura do the night before the scheduled decimation?
(a) Sleep extra.
(b) Eat their reserves.
(c) Read a prayer book.
(d) Give away their blankets.

13. Who plans to help the family in New York?
(a) Their uncle.
(b) A cousin.
(c) No one.
(d) Sara.

14. When do Elli, Laura, and Bubi begin making the trip home?
(a) June of 1945.
(b) 1944.
(c) Winter of 1946.
(d) Fall of 1945.

15. What happens the day the food arrives early at Laura and Elli's work?
(a) Animals eat the food.
(b) The food turns cold.
(c) The food becomes putrid in the hot sun.
(d) Other prisoners steal the food.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the rainstorm, what does the commander tell the women?

2. When a rainstorm hits suddenly, what are the women doing?

3. When the prisoners leaves the cars for the final time, what do the local people do?

4. How does Elli get Laura out of the infirmary?

5. How does Elli feel in her home town after the war?

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