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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to James Farmer's bus as he was traveling from Washington, D.C., to the South?
(a) It was disabled (engine tampering) by white activists.
(b) It was run off of the road by the KKK.
(c) It was painted during an overnight stop to look like a Dixie flag.
(d) It was bombed and burned.

2. How many student demonstrators were arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 27, 1960?
(a) 100.
(b) 300.
(c) 200.
(d) 400.

3. What two organizations denounced violent actions relating to desegregation acts?
(a) NAACP and BCA.
(b) MIA and BCA.
(c) NAACP and SCLC.
(d) SCLC and MIA.

4. What was the date of James Farmer's trip from Washington, D.C., to the South?
(a) May 4, 1968.
(b) May 4, 1961.
(c) May 4, 1955.
(d) May 4, 1958.

5. How many students participated in the first march in Washington, D.C., supporting racial desegregation?
(a) 1,000.
(b) 5,000.
(c) 500.
(d) 10,000.

6. Who was the first black student to graduate from the high school in Arkansas on May 27, 1958?
(a) Stokeley Carmichael.
(b) Fred Shuttlesworth.
(c) Charles K. Steele.
(d) Ernest Green.

7. How many students marched toward the Alabama State Capitol Building in Montgomery?
(a) 2,500.
(b) 1,500.
(c) 1,000.
(d) 2,000.

8. Who were the primary people who led the movement exemplified by eating at lunch counters next to Caucasians?
(a) African American college students.
(b) African American women.
(c) African American business-persons.
(d) African American men.

9. In what magazine did Dr. King's famous series "How My Mind Has Changed" appear?
(a) Relevant.
(b) CCM.
(c) Guideposts.
(d) Christian Century.

10. What demonstration was held at Rainbow Beach in Chicago?
(a) Swim-in.
(b) Towel-in.
(c) Sit-in-sand.
(d) Wade-in.

11. When did the President remove the National Guard troops from the high school in Arkansas?
(a) August 9, 1957.
(b) December 1, 1955.
(c) May 8, 1958.
(d) May 19, 1957.

12. What did Dr. King plead with Americans not to default upon during his "I Have A Dream" speech?
(a) Promise to form a better nation.
(b) Indebtedness to the spirit and principle of democracy.
(c) Completeness of pride and honor towards their nation.
(d) Promise to move forward with equality.

13. Where was Martin Luther King, Jr., ordained to the Christian ministry?
(a) Morningside Baptist Church.
(b) First Baptist Church of Montgomery.
(c) Ebenezer Baptist Church.
(d) South Baptist Church.

14. What were the dates of the demonstration at Rainbow Beach in Chicago?
(a) December 5 and 7, 1961.
(b) July 9 and 16, 1961.
(c) June 5 and 7, 1961.
(d) August 5 and 9, 1961.

15. When did Dr. King celebrate his thirty-first (31) birthday?
(a) October 15, 1960.
(b) January 15, 1960.
(c) March 15, 1960.
(d) July 15, 1960.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Martin Luther King, Jr., when Gandhi was assassinated?

2. What president ordered federal marshals dispatched by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy?

3. What does NUL stand for?

4. Less than a week after the Youth March for Integrated Schools, a black youth was lynched. What was the name of this black youth?

5. When associated with the Civil Rights Movement, what did demonstrators consider their arrests?

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