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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora question in regarding to her time with Bill?

2. According to Nora, what does a great story do?

3. What does Nora offer the reader as she dispenses her advice and wisdom?

4. What author is Nora reading when she writes the chapter "Rapture?"

5. What does one want to have when they are younger and could really use?

Short Essay Questions

1. What favorite food does Nora share about?

2. What have books done for Nora, ever since she was a child?

3. What is the relationship that Nora draws between the reader and a diver?

4. Why does Nora believe she was never propositioned by JFK?

5. What is Nora's problem in college?

6. What does Nora believe makes a great story?

7. What does Nora begin talking about when describing her life in New York?

8. Describe Nora's job at the White House.

9. What is the theme of the chapter?

10. What does Nora say about wisdom?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the Bill and Monica scandal. Looking back on this scandal, compared with the politics going on in the world at that time, does the scandal seems inconsequential? Or not? Describe 3 reasons the scandal was as blown up as it was, according to the sociological factors influencing the media at the time. Lastly, do you think the scandal should have been so publicly acknowledged? Was the media's influence on it inappropriate or do Americans have the right to know everything about their leader? Include the opinion of experts as well as your own.

Essay Topic 2

Nora talks about falling in love with an apartment as part of her recovery from a broken marriage. She makes her surroundings something she loves so as to help her cope with the loss of love in her life. This action is almost literature based. Write an essay on pieces of classical literature that mirror this exact sentiment. Find 3 examples and find evidence within the prose to discuss in your analysis.

Essay Topic 3

Nora Ephron gives the reader a short synopsis of her life in the chapter titled, " The Story of My LIfe in 3500 Words or Less". What is the significance of the art of biography? Why do we document our life and our life events? What is to be gained by the reader by studying someone else's life? Use 3 examples of biographies you have researched throughout the unit and talk about how they have made an impact on you. Treat "biography" as a genre and determine its strengths and weaknesses.

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