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Short Answer Questions

1. How many times does Nora enter her own kitchen?

2. What magazine article does Nora write when she realizes her life has changed and she is now a writer?

3. What does Nora remember about the books that she reads?

4. After the Bill and Monica affair, how does Nora view Bill and his character?

5. What does Nora say is easier to do once the experience has played out?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Nora's job at the White House.

2. What happens when Nora sees Bill on TV again?

3. What does Nora say everyone has moments of?

4. What does Nora believe makes a great story?

5. What favorite food does Nora share about?

6. What is the point of discussing a lost food?

7. Why does Nora believe she was never propositioned by JFK?

8. What is the theme of the chapter?

9. Who are the two people that greatly influenced Nora in her life?

10. What kind of relationship does Nora have with the characters she reads about in books?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Nora describes her time as an intern at the White House while JFK served as President. That time in history is often viewed as glamourous and filled with public intrigue. Write an essay on the Kennedy White House. Include the social, political, and economic climate of the time period and how it influence the culture of the United States. Be sure to add in new articles, quotes, and relevant historical data. Cite your sources.

Essay Topic 2

Nora conveys that the older generations, the Baby Boomers, are highly proactive. They are always into the latest craze about health and beauty. Write an essay on the aging Baby Boomers and their effect on society. What have been their greatest contributions and their greatest struggles? Include 3 resources and cite your evidence.

Essay Topic 3

Nora finishes her book with the chapter that discusses death. She says that aging is better than the alternative and that there is positive to be found in aging. Living life to its fullest is the best way to live. Enjoying everything as much as you can. Write an essay that supports these sentiments. Write an inspirational essay that encourages both yourself and others to life to the fullest. What does that mean to you? How would you go about executing that plan?

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