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Short Answer Questions

1. What subject does Nora Ephron claim other women do not answer honestly about when asked for their opinion?

2. Why does it seem pointless to answer honestly if a friend says you look great?

3. How much does Nora Ephron's friend plan on spending on her vintage purse?

4. What subject matter does Nora Ephron refuse to discuss in her book?

5. What kind of laws change as Nora is living in her new apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What types of maintenance are there?

2. What is the first stage of parenting?

3. What does Nora think of unwanted hairs and hair removal?

4. Who are the people that move in and that Nora meets in her building and what happens with these relationships?

5. What kind of a job is parenting?

6. Describe the premise of the chapter "Blind as a Bat."

7. What happens after Nora gets a divorce?

8. Why does Nora travel to Paris?

9. What are Nora's thoughts on exercise?

10. What does the new purse Nora gets after returning from Paris look like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Nora describes her time as an intern at the White House while JFK served as President. That time in history is often viewed as glamourous and filled with public intrigue. Write an essay on the Kennedy White House. Include the social, political, and economic climate of the time period and how it influence the culture of the United States. Be sure to add in new articles, quotes, and relevant historical data. Cite your sources.

Essay Topic 2

Nora Ephron discusses "The Parenting Movement", which began just before Nora had kids. Write an essay on the past 50 years of the social interpretation of child rearing. If possible, outline the theories that have been offered over time and if they have served parents or not. . Include 3 major researchers and their findings (doctors, psychologists, etc). FInally, end your essay with your own social commentary of parenting What is it that you believe is good advice to follow when raising a child?

Essay Topic 3

Nora talks about falling in love with an apartment as part of her recovery from a broken marriage. She makes her surroundings something she loves so as to help her cope with the loss of love in her life. This action is almost literature based. Write an essay on pieces of classical literature that mirror this exact sentiment. Find 3 examples and find evidence within the prose to discuss in your analysis.

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