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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the book she is reading in "Rapture" take her?
(a) 1930's New Jersey.
(b) 1940's New York.
(c) 1930's Montana.
(d) 1960's Boston.

2. What does Nora remember about the books that she reads?
(a) The characters.
(b) The intriguing plot.
(c) Where she was when she read them.
(d) The problems of her life she is reminded of.

3. How many times does Nora enter her own kitchen?
(a) When a meal is being prepared.
(b) Hundreds of times a day
(c) Nora does not cook.
(d) A couple of times a day.

4. What does Nora give to the reader in the Chapter "Where I Live?"
(a) A visual description of her life.
(b) A piece of her heart.
(c) Advice on how to advance their career.
(d) A snapshot of her ambitions.

5. What is Nora impressed by when she sees Bill on television?
(a) How he looks and sounds.
(b) How he holds himself among a crowd.
(c) The rhythm in which he speaks.
(d) How he is dressed.

6. During the writing of the script of what movie does Nora come face to face with a Rorschach, meaning that when you ask a group of people about a particular event, everyone will have a different answer?
(a) Silkwood.
(b) Sleepless in Seattle.
(c) Julie & Julia.
(d) When Harry Met Sally.

7. What does Nora perceive the hunt to find cabbage strudel to be?
(a) A journey.
(b) A love affair.
(c) A quest.
(d) A happy ending.

8. What does Nora say comes with age?
(a) Cleverness.
(b) Prosperity.
(c) Wealth.
(d) Wisdom.

9. What does the story of Nora and JFK bring reality to?
(a) The trying times of the 1960's.
(b) The marriage between John and Jackie.
(c) The glamour and public intrigue of the White House.
(d) Nora's own personal problems.

10. What bakery did Nora used to find her favorite cabbage strudel?
(a) Mrs. Hebet's Hungarian Bakery.
(b) Mrs. Herbst's Hungarian Bakery.
(c) Mrs. Herb's Hungarian Bakery.
(d) Mrs. Herbert's Hungarian Bakery.

11. What is Nora's neighborhood like?
(a) It is clean and quiet.
(b) There are all types of stores and services.
(c) It is near Central Park.
(d) There are many urban projects.

12. What author is Nora reading when she writes the chapter "Rapture?"
(a) Michael Crichton.
(b) Amy Bloom.
(c) Michael Chabon.
(d) Margaret Atwood.

13. What is the structure of Nora's apartment?
(a) Narrow and vertical.
(b) A rounded studio.
(c) Horizontal.
(d) Multi-floor.

14. What does Nora cause the reader to think about as they read about where she lives?
(a) Where they live themselves.
(b) Why they should live in New York.
(c) Where their friends live.
(d) Where they want to live.

15. If Nora was propositioned by JFK, what is the one thing she would not have been able to do?
(a) Keep up personal appearances.
(b) Buy a new wardrobe.
(c) Wear perfect hair and makeup daily.
(d) Keep it a secret.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Nora's first request for cabbage strudel is denied by the owner of Andre's bakery?

2. Where did Nora claim her time was spent while she was at the White House?

3. Why does Nora believe she was never propositioned by JFK?

4. What does Nora infuse throughout the chapter "What I Wish I'd Known" that makes it easy to read?

5. Why can't Nora hear the question that JFK asks her directly?

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