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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nora handle Bill's lies regarding Gennifer?
(a) She discredits them.
(b) She knows the truth.
(c) She goes into denial.
(d) She rationalized them away.

2. What is the good that comes of Nora's husband's affair while she is pregnant?
(a) Nora realizes she loves her child.
(b) Nora finds a new man.
(c) Nora has a swift divorce.
(d) Nora realizes the value of fiction.

3. What does Nora say is easy to do when it comes to advice?
(a) Wish you had not taken it.
(b) Wish you had taken it.
(c) Wish you would have questioned it.
(d) Wish you could have figured things out yourself.

4. What has happened in New York that does not detour Nora Ephron from living there?
(a) 9/11.
(b) Political corruption.
(c) The rise of the crime rate.
(d) Neighborhood prostitution rings.

5. What was one of Nora's favorite foods?
(a) Cabbage pie.
(b) Cabbage strudel.
(c) Cabbage soup.
(d) Cabbage slaw.

6. What is Nora's biggest issue in college?
(a) Her weight.
(b) Her living quarters.
(c) Her boyfriend.
(d) Her academics.

7. What does a reader specifically pick out a book in the hopes of doing?
(a) Escaping.
(b) Sharing.
(c) Understanding.
(d) Learning.

8. What is Nora's neighborhood like?
(a) It is clean and quiet.
(b) It is near Central Park.
(c) There are all types of stores and services.
(d) There are many urban projects.

9. What is the structure of Nora's apartment?
(a) Multi-floor.
(b) A rounded studio.
(c) Horizontal.
(d) Narrow and vertical.

10. What does Nora savor after she has found the strudel?
(a) Strudel.
(b) A hearty meal.
(c) Victory.
(d) Pride.

11. What is Nora always on the lookout for?
(a) The next great actress.
(b) The next great play.
(c) The next great book.
(d) The next great movie.

12. In what city does Nora Ephron live?
(a) New York City.
(b) Boston.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) Atlanta.

13. Who does Nora equate her computer addiction to?
(a) Adulterers.
(b) politicians
(c) Drug addicts.
(d) Couch potatoes.

14. Why can't Nora hear the question that JFK asks her directly?
(a) Because someone is talking over her.
(b) Because of the noise of the heliocopter.
(c) Because The Speaker of the House answers JFK first.
(d) Because Nora is too star struck.

15. What does Nora say comes with age?
(a) Wealth.
(b) Wisdom.
(c) Cleverness.
(d) Prosperity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora mention she is unable to finish because so is so enraptured by a book?

2. What does Nora say is easier to do once the experience has played out?

3. What does Nora give to the reader in the Chapter "Where I Live?"

4. Which "Bill" is Nora referring to in the chapter "Me and Bill?"

5. How does Nora describe herself as she sits in front of her computer?

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