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Lesson 1 (from I Feel Bad About My Neck)


Nora Ephron is known as a writer of novels, screenplays, plays, and is a critically acclaimed director. She is an accomplished person and one that has contributed to the art and film. Today's lesson is on biography.


1) Begin the class with a short biography of Nora Ephron. Introduce the author to class through her accomplishments including her novels, screenplays, plays, and the films she's directed.

2) Break the class into groups of 3 and each group will create a biographical sketch of Nora Ephron to include her professional and personal life. They may include an illustration or a picture of her as well.

3) Each group will decide on 3 accomplishments that they most admire about Ephron, whether it be her writings or her relationships or her various jobs, etc. They will also be prepared to answer why they admire what they do.

4) Each group will then present their...

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