I Feel Bad About My Neck Fun Activities

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Roaring 20's Beauty Ad

Write out an ad about beauty products that might have appeared in the New York Times of New York Magazine circa 1920. What was popular then? What was considered beautiful? What was all the rage?

I Love Paris in the Springtime

Nora and her friend go to Paris to buy a twenty-six hundred dollar purse. Create a fictional scrapbook or photo album of their trip. Try to lace the book with elements of Nora Ephron's type of humor.

Pen a Cookbook

There is no denying that Nora Ephron loves to cook. She is inspired by Julia Child and by Michael Fields. Create a cookbook of your own with your own favorite recipes and share in the joy of cooking!


Write an article on aging that might appear in Vogue. Discuss what it means to be a woman who is aging. Be funny like Nora...

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