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I Feel Bad About My Neck

• Nora Ephron is a known as a writer of novels, screenplays, and plays, and is a critically acclaimed director.

• In her book, Ms. Ephron provides humorous insight into being an aging woman.

• The book includes anecdotes and stories appealing to a woman of any age.

• The book dives into thoughts on health, beauty, fashion, relationships, wisdom, marriage, and death. No subject matter is untouchable.
• Nora discusses how women do not answer honestly when another woman asks for an opinion on physical characteristics.

• It seems pointless to answer honestly because if a friend says you look great, you will probably not believe it even if they think it.

• The topic of physical appearance is one each woman struggles with in silence.

• Nora believes the neck shows age the most because of its thin skin and constant movement. She wishes she would have enjoyed...

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