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Bilquis Sheikh
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Bilquis think would be the determining factor in agreeing to Dr. Stanley Mooneyham's request?

2. What experience did Bilquis' mourners have on the day of her funeral?

3. How many relatives visited Bilquis on the first day after her baptism?

4. What was Tooni's fear for Bilquis?

5. What was Bilquis afraid of throughout her life?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Bilquis overcome the fear that confronted her as she arrived at the Olds' home?

2. What situation did Bilquis allow to make the decision about whether to travel to Singapore?

3. Why did Bilquis decide not to replace all of the servants she lost?

4. Why did Bilquis say she felt "complete" even though she was leaving her home for an indefinite period and didn't know where she was going?

5. What pressure did the community put upon Bilquis?

6. How did Bilquis explain to Mahmud that Christians can have great confidence in dangerous times?

7. Why did Ken Old tell Bilquis that she had reason to rejoice even while she is sad at their departure?

8. What happened to Bilquis when she decided that she would not be driven out of her home?

9. What did Mahmud know about his grandmother Bilquis' Christianity?

10. What happened to Bilquis' family members who had been coming to visit her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Much of Bilquis' learning comes from dreams. In your essay, summarize the meaning of the key dreams in her spiritual journey. Tell the lessons she learned from those dreams.

Essay Topic 2

Rather than beginning the story with an explanation of Bilquis' family and social standing, details about her life are revealed gradually. In your essay, quote phrases from the text that make clear the economic and social position of her family. Summarize what you know or can infer about them and their way of life.

Essay Topic 3

Using the Internet, write an essay comparing the Pakistan described by Bilquis with the Pakistan of today. Is the country still 96% Muslim? Are there conflicts with other religions within the country? Are the Bhutto family members still in power? Is "biraderi" still the basis of family and tribal governance? What other differences and similarities do you see?

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