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Bilquis Sheikh
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Dr. Stanley Mooneyham want Bilquis to do?

2. What did General Amar do that Bilquis found extraordinary?

3. What did Bilquis dread most about confronting her family?

4. Who was the only relative to accept Bilquis' condolences?

5. What difference did the 1970 election make for Bilquis?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Bilquis overcome the fear that confronted her as she arrived at the Olds' home?

2. What radical idea did Bilquis decide would revive the Sunday fellowship meetings?

3. Why did Ken Old tell Bilquis that she had reason to rejoice even while she is sad at their departure?

4. What lesson about staying in God's presence did Bilquis learn from the family funerals?

5. What happened to Bilquis when she decided that she would not be driven out of her home?

6. What did Bilquis learn about repentance that she calls a "beautiful secret"?

7. How did the family react when Bilquis showed up at Karim's funeral?

8. How did Bilquis explain to Mahmud that Christians can have great confidence in dangerous times?

9. What did Bilquis expect her relatives to do when they learned of her baptism?

10. What came as a threat to Bilquis' precious afternoon rest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bilquis speaks of feeling satisfied and complete when she is living "in the glory," and dark and sad when she is not. Yet many of her experiences "in the glory" are sad rather than joyful. In your essay, explore what the feeling she is attempting to describe might be like. Cite examples from the story to support your idea.

Essay Topic 2

In your essay, discuss the ways in which Bilquis shares her religious experiences with others and the success or lack of it that she experiences.

Essay Topic 3

Various aspects of Muslim life are told as Bilquis' story unfolds. In your essay, list and explain the call to prayer, the murder of the Christian girl, Bilquis' education concerning the Quran, and other details that are taught about Islam in this book.

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