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Bilquis Sheikh
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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bilquis' epitaph, how did she die?

2. What was Bilquis' first roadblock to leaving Pakistan?

3. What did cousin Aslam invite Bilquis to do?

4. Where did Bilquis send the needy village woman?

5. Where was Uncle Fateh on the day they were going to visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What personal significance did Bilquis place upon the conference in Singapore?

2. How did the family react when Bilquis showed up at Karim's funeral?

3. What was wrong with Bilquis' plan to give a Christmas party for her Muslim and Christian friends?

4. Why did Bilquis say she felt "complete" even though she was leaving her home for an indefinite period and didn't know where she was going?

5. Why did Bilquis decide not to replace all of the servants she lost?

6. What happened to Bilquis' family members who had been coming to visit her?

7. What did Bilquis learn when the village woman did not return to thank her for her help?

8. What did Bilquis expect her relatives to do when they learned of her baptism?

9. What came as a threat to Bilquis' precious afternoon rest?

10. What pressure did the community put upon Bilquis?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In her story, Bilquis speaks often of observing or experiencing an "odd confidence" as she goes through her conversion. She describes herself as growing "bolder" and feeling "strangely confident." In your essay, cite those experiences and tell how Bilquis might have reacted if she were not imbued with this unusual confidence.

Essay Topic 2

Various aspects of Muslim life are told as Bilquis' story unfolds. In your essay, list and explain the call to prayer, the murder of the Christian girl, Bilquis' education concerning the Quran, and other details that are taught about Islam in this book.

Essay Topic 3

As Bilquis' story progresses, both she and the reader sense an impending doom that does not come to pass. She never learns what might have happened to her and Mahmud had she not hurried out of the country. In your essay, discuss this information gap. Is it disappointing to you? Why or why not?

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