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Bilquis Sheikh
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Bilquis send the needy village woman?

2. What did Bilquis later think had caused the Christians' behavior on the airplane?

3. What servants did Bilquis replace?

4. What story did Bilquis tell as they placed the lamps for the party?

5. How old was Mahmud when he received the warning from the village children?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Bilquis attended a second family funeral, what did the bereaved wife unexpectedly do?

2. What were the negative and positive results of the Christmas party?

3. What pressure did the community put upon Bilquis?

4. What did Bilquis learn about repentance that she calls a "beautiful secret"?

5. Why did Ken Old tell Bilquis that she had reason to rejoice even while she is sad at their departure?

6. Why did the idea of leaving Pakistan seem enormous to Bilquis?

7. What was wrong with Bilquis' plan to give a Christmas party for her Muslim and Christian friends?

8. What did Peggy Schlorholtz want Bilquis to do with her?

9. Why had four of Bilquis' Christian servants fled from her house?

10. What did Mahmud know about his grandmother Bilquis' Christianity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In her story, Bilquis speaks often of observing or experiencing an "odd confidence" as she goes through her conversion. She describes herself as growing "bolder" and feeling "strangely confident." In your essay, cite those experiences and tell how Bilquis might have reacted if she were not imbued with this unusual confidence.

Essay Topic 2

Various aspects of Muslim life are told as Bilquis' story unfolds. In your essay, list and explain the call to prayer, the murder of the Christian girl, Bilquis' education concerning the Quran, and other details that are taught about Islam in this book.

Essay Topic 3

Bilquis faces both internal and external conflicts in this story. In your essay, compare and contrast the two types of conflict. Which do you feel is more difficult for her to contend with? Which lasts longer?

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