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Bilquis Sheikh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Bilquis think Mrs. Mitchell had an "odd confidence"?
(a) Mrs. Mitchell claimed to understand the Bible.
(b) Mrs. Mitchell was sure of the truth of Christianity.
(c) Mrs. Mitchell said she knew God.
(d) Mrs. Mitchell was unafraid of village gossip.

2. When does Muslim law require burial?
(a) Within 24 hours of a death.
(b) Within three days of a death.
(c) Not until 5 days have passed after a death.
(d) Not until 8 days have passed after a death.

3. Why was Pakistan created, according to Bilquis' father?
(a) As a homeland for Sufis.
(b) As a homeland for Hindus.
(c) As a homeland for infidels.
(d) As a homeland for Indian Muslims.

4. Who shared Bilquis' name?
(a) The prime minister of Pakistan.
(b) The queen of India.
(c) The queen of Sheba.
(d) The governor of Wah.

5. Who corrupted Jesus' teachings, according to the Quran?
(a) Deceivers.
(b) Romans.
(c) Early Christians.
(d) Translators.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Paul's experience in II Corinthians like Bilquis'?

2. What one thing did Bilquis ask Mrs. Mitchell to tell her?

3. At what age does a Muslim child begin to study the Quran?

4. How long did Bilquis pray before receiving an answer?

5. Where had Bilquis lived since the divorce?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspect of Muslim practice provided reassurance to Bilquis?

2. What happened to Bilquis' family members who had been coming to visit her?

3. Why was Bilquis comforted by reading of Paul's experiences?

4. What honors have Bilquis' family members received?

5. Why was baptism a testing point for Bilquis?

6. When Bilquis attended a second family funeral, what did the bereaved wife unexpectedly do?

7. How did the family react when Bilquis showed up at Karim's funeral?

8. What did Bilquis learn about repentance that she calls a "beautiful secret"?

9. What did Bilquis learn when the village woman did not return to thank her for her help?

10. What came as a threat to Bilquis' precious afternoon rest?

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