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Bilquis Sheikh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was directed to read page 456 in the Bible?
(a) Bilquis.
(b) Nan-jur.
(c) Ken Old.
(d) Reverend Mitchell.

2. What attitude toward wrongdoers is taught in John 8:7?
(a) Judgement.
(b) Strictness.
(c) Zero tolerance.
(d) Non-judgement.

3. What was Bilquis' first question to God?
(a) What do You want me to do?
(b) Which is Your book?
(c) Who are Your people?
(d) Which is Your church?

4. Whom did Bilquis want Mrs. Mitchell to identify for her?
(a) Saint John.
(b) John the Revelator.
(c) John the Baptist.
(d) John, the brother of Jesus.

5. Who was Mahmud?
(a) Bilquis' neighbor child.
(b) Bilquis' ex-husband.
(c) Bilquis' four year old grandson.
(d) Bilquis' forty year old son.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the word "Wah" mean?

2. What does Matthew 10:37-38 tell Bilquis about her family?

3. Why did Uncle Fateh advise Bilquis to avoid Christian conversation about the Bible?

4. Where had Bilquis' great-grandfather fought for the British?

5. What is the Kul?

Short Essay Questions

1. What future does the Quran teach Christ will have?

2. Why did Bilquis believe she would lose everything if she chose to follow Jesus?

3. Why was Bilquis comforted by reading of Paul's experiences?

4. How did Bilquis accomplish the most difficult thing that she felt God required of her?

5. What aspect of Muslim practice provided reassurance to Bilquis?

6. Why does it help Bilquis when Synnove Mitchell tells her the story of the wise men?

7. Why had Bilquis learned Arabic?

8. What attitude of Bilquis' toward visitors was well known?

9. What is unusual about the political and religious structure of Pakistan, according to Bilquis' father?

10. Which teaching of the Quran disturbed Bilquis?

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