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Bilquis Sheikh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Dr. Christy Wilson help Bilquis?
(a) He found an American sponsor for her.
(b) He gave her money.
(c) He rushed her through customs.
(d) He rushed her through the passport process.

2. What did the village women unexpectedly come to Bilquis' house to do?
(a) Help with housework.
(b) Help clean the house.
(c) Help prepare Christmas dinner.
(d) Help wrap gifts.

3. What family member was first to visit Bilquis?
(a) Tooni.
(b) Aunt Amina.
(c) Uncle Fateh.
(d) Karim.

4. Who was the only relative to accept Bilquis' condolences?
(a) Karim's father.
(b) Karim's sister.
(c) Karim's brother.
(d) Karim's mother.

5. Why was the conference different than the plane ride?
(a) Friendship was over; testifying had begun.
(b) Worship was over; socializing had begun.
(c) Testifying was over; friendship had begun.
(d) Socializing was over; worship had begun.

6. What did Bilquis think would be the determining factor in agreeing to Dr. Stanley Mooneyham's request?
(a) Figuring a budget that will support the effort.
(b) Getting a passport in time.
(c) Feeling safe and secure.
(d) Her family's opinion.

7. How did Bilquis disappoint herself when a village woman came for help?
(a) She was unable to help.
(b) She turned her away.
(c) She resented the intrusion.
(d) She became angry.

8. What sin was Bilquis determined to eradicate?
(a) Lying.
(b) Carrying a grudge.
(c) Rudeness.
(d) Pride.

9. Where was Bilquis' brother on the day they were going to visit?
(a) At a business meeting.
(b) In Kabul.
(c) At a cricket tournament.
(d) In Paris.

10. What was the Moses' Rod principle, according to Bilquis?
(a) To get God's help, you must first do all you can.
(b) To get God's help, your need must be real.
(c) To get God's help, you must forgive your enemies.
(d) To get God's help, you cannot be prideful.

11. What organization did Dr. Stanley Mooneyham represent?
(a) World Vision.
(b) Save the Children.
(c) Unicef.
(d) Heifer International.

12. Under whose authority was the conference organized?
(a) Dr. Christy Wilson.
(b) Dr. Stanley Mooneyham.
(c) Reverend Mitchell.
(d) Billy Graham.

13. What experience did Bilquis' mourners have on the day of her funeral?
(a) A hymn seems to be sung by angels.
(b) A mysterious fragrance fills the air.
(c) A feeling of peace comes over everyone.
(d) A beam of sunlight falls on her face.

14. What did Bilquis say we can do for Christ?
(a) Believe in Him.
(b) Teach His word.
(c) Do for others.
(d) Have faith in His teachings.

15. What family member did Bilquis approach first?
(a) Her aunt Amina.
(b) Her grandson Mahmud.
(c) Her son Khalid.
(d) Her daughter Tooni.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mahmud want his relative to teach him?

2. How did Bilquis' family pressure her to change her mind?

3. What did the anonymous letter call Bilquis?

4. What did Bilquis' dreams instruct her to do?

5. How old was Mahmud when he received the warning from the village children?

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