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Bilquis Sheikh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Was There Protection?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gave Bilquis' family its income in Wah?
(a) The orchards.
(b) The feedlot.
(c) The car dealership.
(d) The cement works.

2. What was Bilquis' second step in becoming a Christian?
(a) Learning about the Bible.
(b) Learning about Jesus.
(c) Learning about the Father.
(d) Learning about the Holy Spirit.

3. Why was Romans 9:25-26 important to Bilquis?
(a) God says that all sins are forgiven.
(b) God says that all men are created equal.
(c) God says that people who were not His will become His.
(d) God says that unbelievers will be punished.

4. What does baptism mean to a Muslim, according to Bilquis?
(a) A rebirth.
(b) Opportunity.
(c) A fresh start.
(d) Death.

5. Why did Bilquis threaten to fire Manzur?
(a) He stole a Bible from her.
(b) He didn't bring her a Bible.
(c) He spread rumors about her Christianity.
(d) He told her family she had a Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Matthew 10:37-38 tell Bilquis about her family?

2. What did she do to save herself?

3. What does the Quran teach was miraculous about Jesus?

4. What did Bilquis understand would be the fate of a Muslim who was baptized?

5. What is the "session"?

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