Daily Lessons for Teaching I Dared to Call Him Father

Bilquis Sheikh
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, A Frightening Presence)


There is a lot of information to be learned from "interviewing" a book before you start to read. Today's objective is to learn from the cover art, cover blurbs, dedication, synopsis, and front matter of the book.


1) Individual Work: In your reading log, write answers to the following questions: When was this book published? What does it mean that it has two publication dates? Do you think this publisher is a specialty publisher, with a specific area of interest? Explain your reasoning.

2) Partner Discussion: What do you think about the cover art? What do you predict about the story based on the picture?

3) Whole Group Discussion: What do you think it means that the book was written "with" Richard Schneider? What do you think Mr. Schneider did? What do you think Bilquis did? What does the dedication tell you? If the average book buyer only...

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