I Dared to Call Him Father Fun Activities

Bilquis Sheikh
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Research: Looking for Bilquis

The story of Bilquis Sheikh has been recorded in many different forms. Look at the story on You Tube or one of the Christian sites that tell her story. Compare what you find with what you have learned about Bilquis from reading her book.

Drama: Reenact an Encounter

Select two students to portray Synnove Mitchell and Bilquis Sheikh as they meet for the first time. Before the reenactment, have each character explain what she was seeking that day. After the reenactment, discuss the differences that create barriers to understanding between the two women.

Interview the Character

Imagine that you are a television interviewer preparing for an interview with Bilquis Sheikh. What would you want to ask her? Prepare at least 10 questions that you would like Bilquis to answer if she were here. As a class, discuss how she might respond to the questions you...

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