I Dared to Call Him Father Character Descriptions

Bilquis Sheikh
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Bilquis Sheikh

This person documents a spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity.

Ken and Marie Olds

These characters provide the newly converted Christian with fellowship and support.


This person is adopted by a grandmother.


This doctor gives up a child for adoption by a grandmother.


This person is confused by a new Christian in his family, but helps with practical matters, although he lives at a great distance.

Reverend David and Syvonne Mitchell

These characters are the first to whom the newly converted Christian turns for understanding of the Bible.


This Christian servant stays to help, even in the face of danger.


This Muslim servant eventually converts to Christianity, but keeps it a secret from her family.

General Amar

This commander warns the newly converted Christian that there are threats to her safety.

Peggy Schlorholtz

This person encourages the new convert to travel...

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