I Dared to Call Him Father Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bilquis Sheikh
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Chapter 1, A Frightening Presence

• Bilquis felt a cold, damp, unholy presence in her garden.

• Bilquis felt a tap on her right hand.

• Bilquis questioned her servants about supernatural experiences.
• Bilquis turned to the Quran for understanding of her experience.

• Bilquis recalled the shame and humiliation of her husband's desertion.

• Bilquis recalled adopting her grandson Mahmud because the child's parents could not resolve their differences.

• Bilquis was frightened that Mahmud's languor may have a spiritual cause.

• Bilquis called in a mullah to read verses from the Quran to Mahmud.

• Mahmud recovered.

• Bilquis pondered whether these events were linked.

Chapter 2, The Strange Book

• Bilquis recalled her introduction to the Quran at age four years, four months, and four days.

• Bilquis recalled her father's pride that Pakistan was created for the Muslims of India.

• Bilquis pondered the Quran's references to earlier Jewish and Christian writings.
• Bilquis believed that Pakistani Christians are...

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