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Alina Troyano
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Juana criticized a sermon delivered by Father ____.

2. Alba tells Juana, "Men use _____. A woman uses her head."

3. What is the name of Carmelita's friend in New York?

4. Which part of Juana's body is cut off?

5. The Vicereine compares Juana to which type of bird?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Arriero? What is Arriero's homeland? In which section is Arriero introduced? Why is Arriero's point of view different from the others?

2. What information does the Prosecutor demand from Juan(a)? What causes the Prosecutor to become suspicious of the stigmata? What are the stigmata?

3. Who is Sor Juana? What is the basis of the Nightmare?

4. How does the relationship between Maria Luisa and Juana change at this time? What promises do the women make to each other?

5. How does Juana escape? What is her disguise?

6. What information is extracted from Juan(a) after more questioning from the Prosecutor?

7. Why is the Prosecutor angry with Juana? What does Juana say to convince the Prosecutor that she knows her Bible?

8. Who is Maria Luisa? What is her role in the story? What does Maria Luisa convince Juana to do?

9. Examine the scene in which Carmelita is walking home from the Tropicana.

10. Why were Carmelita and the others protesting and where? What happened at the site? What was the result?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After being arrested for participating in the protest, Carmelita, Desiree, Orchidia, Sophia and others were arrested and sent to the Behavioral Modification Unit. What is the BMU? Where is it located? What is the purpose of the unit? How does it relate to the government? What kind of activities occur at the BMU? Is it a prison? What types of crimes must one commit to be sent to the unit? What is the DNA Remodeling Action? Can someone's DNA be remodeled? If so, how? What types of programs are the inmates required to complete?

Essay Topic 2

The Archbishop and Prosecutor were one in the same when he appeared before Juana and Maria Luisa. What is the role of an archbishop? Why is the Archbishop also a Prosecutor? What is the Inquisition? How does it affect Juana? What is the purpose of the Inquisition? Who was affected? What was the role of the Prosecutor? What was the role of the church? How long did the Inquisition last? What was the outcome? How did it affect the characters?

Essay Topic 3

The Dictator calls Carmelita regarding the activities in downtown Manhattan. What type of activities took place in Manhattan? Who participated? What were the consequences of the activities? Who arranged the activities? Who is the Dictator? How was s/he involved? What was the relationship between the Dictator and Carmelita? What happened to the Dictator after the raid? Did the Dictator and Carmelita have any contact after Carmelita's arrest or incarceration in BMU? Explain.

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