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Pittacus Lore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henri believe about the Mogadorians' ambition concerning Earth?
(a) They want to kill all the Gardes and then go back home.
(b) They want to destroy Earth for harboring the Gardes.
(c) They have no plans as they are not on Earth.
(d) They want to make Earth their new home.

2. What does John tell Sam when John calls him?
(a) John is going away for a few days.
(b) John wants Sam to protect Sarah.
(c) John needs Sam's help.
(d) John is moving away the next day.

3. What does John do after Mark walks off?
(a) Goes after Sarah.
(b) Goes after Mark.
(c) Asks Henri for advice.
(d) Apologizes to Sam.

4. What is required to open John's inheritance?
(a) Some soil from their native planet.
(b) A special key.
(c) A secret code.
(d) Both John and Henri's power.

5. For what is Henri searching the Internet?
(a) For a new location.
(b) For a job.
(c) For any signs of the others.
(d) For a way off the Earth.

6. What happens when Sarah tries to photograph John with her family?
(a) The camera gets hot and melts.
(b) The lens explodes.
(c) Nothing out of the ordinary.
(d) The film gets ruined.

7. What can Hadley do?
(a) Levitate.
(b) Change the past.
(c) Shapeshift.
(d) Tell the future.

8. What does John tell Sam?
(a) John needs Sam to take a message to some aliens.
(b) John thinks Mark is an alien.
(c) John thinks Bernie Kosar is an alien.
(d) John thinks Henri has been captured.

9. What does Henri think will help John develop his legacy?
(a) A special concoction of herbs.
(b) Sleeping with the Lorien crystal in John's hands at night.
(c) An injection of the sap of a plant from Lorien.
(d) More physical exercise.

10. What has Number Four just received?
(a) A band around his head.
(b) A collar around his neck.
(c) A bracelet around his wrist.
(d) A ring around his ankle.

11. From where did the pamphlets come about aliens?
(a) Tulsa, Oklahoma.
(b) Athens, Ohio.
(c) Athens, New York.
(d) Portland, Maine.

12. How does Number Four have to act in order to blend in?
(a) Like an intellectual.
(b) Like a moron.
(c) Like an adult.
(d) Like a normal fifteen-year-old boy.

13. How does John's right hand differ from his left?
(a) It is duller.
(b) It is brighter.
(c) It is much bigger.
(d) It is redder.

14. What is Kevin wearing as he steps out?
(a) Night vision goggles.
(b) A laser sword.
(c) A pair of enhanced hearing aides.
(d) A gas mask.

15. What does John ask of the person who tackles him?
(a) Where the teachers are.
(b) If the zombies are real.
(c) To guide them out of the woods.
(d) What are Mark's plans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John yell when he and Sam are close to their destination?

2. What is about to happen as Number Four is settling in?

3. What is Henri's job concerning Number Four?

4. What email does Henri send?

5. What does John do with his hands to the things that are restraining Sam?

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