I Am My Own Wife Character Descriptions

Doug Wright
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Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

The entire play is centered on this transvestite who lives in Germany during both the Nazi and communist regimes.

John Marks

He is a reporter for U.S. News & World Report who introduces the author to Charlotte's story.

Doug Wright

He is intrigued when he hears about Charlotte, and his fascination grows as he learns more about the history of the gay community.

Tante Luise

Charlotte's aunt with whom she lived after her mother and siblings were evacuated from Berlin.

SS Officer

He questions young Charlotte, then still a child, on whether she is a boy or a girl.

SS Commander

He asks Charlotte how old she is and comments that the Nazis are not so far gone as to kill children.

Young Lothar Berfelde

Charlotte as a young boy is known by this name.

Herb Berfelde

Charlotte's father who was a Nazi and was...

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