I Am My Own Wife Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Doug Wright
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Act 1

• I AM MY OWN WIFE is a one-man show detailing the life of celebrated and reviled transvestite, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf.

• As the play opens, Charlotte is a man of sixty-five who wears a black house dress, a scarf and a strand of pearls.

• Charlotte has a large antique phonograph and she launches into a lecture about Edison's invention of the phonograph.

• Charlotte claims to have over 15,000 records in her collection.

• Charlotte's character transitions into John Marks, a newsman in his thirties who is a reporter with the U.S. News & World Report.
• John contacts his friend, Doug Wright, regarding a person Doug may be interested in writing about--Charlotte von Mahlsdorf.

• Doug and John meet Charlotte at her museum, Gr'nderzeit Museum, which is a museum of everyday items.

• Charlotte produces miniature replicas of furniture and household items from a velvet jewelry box and explains the significance of each...

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