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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ruth say killed her husband?

2. In Part III, Chapter 17, what does Ruth agree to allow Robert to do?

3. What happens to Robert's new companion at the end of Part II, Chapter 13?

4. During his recollection of the height of the plague, Robert remembers being literally dragged to a revival meeting. Who drags him?

5. How many attempts does it take Robert to learn how to use the second instrument he obtains in Part II, Chapter 11?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Robert meet Ruth in Part III, Chapter 15?

2. Why does Robert think that vampires have issues with crosses, mirrors, etc.?

3. Robert has decided to surrender to the new breed of vampires. What happens when he tries to do so?

4. In Part III, Chapter 19, how does Robert react to Ruth's note?

5. Explain what happens between Robert and the dog in Part II, Chapter 13.

6. Why does Robert think he is immune to the vampire plague?

7. What does Robert find on the third day of his drinking binge in Part II, Chapter 12? What is his reaction to this find?

8. In Part III, Chapter 19, what does the letter that Ruth wrote to Robert say?

9. What happens when Ruth finally lets Robert draw blood from her to test?

10. Why does Robert acquire a microscope, and what does he see once he gets it to work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Robert think he is immune to the disease? What does he think happened that made him immune? Describe this event in detail. Do you think Robert is right, or would you expect some other explanation?

Essay Topic 2

After his close call when his watch stopped, Robert tears down his mural. Why does he do this? What did the mural represent? Does he tear the mural down because he sees that it is only a representation of what he wants and will likely never have again? Do you think this event opened his eyes to that fact?

Essay Topic 3

In the early chapters, alcohol serves several purposes for Robert. Most often, it is a way of escape. What do you think Robert is trying to escape other than the vampires? Does the alcohol do what Robert wants it to do, or does it just cause more problems? Why?

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