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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Ben that reminds Robert of a comedian in Part II, Chapter 8?
(a) His funny little hat.
(b) His shiny bald head.
(c) His newly grown mustache.
(d) His tubby belly.

2. Robert has a tattoo. What does it look like?
(a) It is a rose with his daughter's name.
(b) It is a skull and crossbones.
(c) It is a rose with his wife's name.
(d) It is a cross.

3. What does Robert think explains the musty odor given off by vampires?
(a) A buildup of waste materials in the blood.
(b) Well, they are dead, after all.
(c) Dirty clothing.
(d) They haven't taken a shower since they became vampires.

4. What were the men wearing who took Kathy after she died?
(a) Biohazard suits.
(b) Black suits and dark sunglasses.
(c) Canvas and masks.
(d) Crosses and priests' robes.

5. In Part II, Chapter 8, Ben has become inured to what?
(a) The daily sight of walking corpses.
(b) Fear of death.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Horror movies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Robert recalls something about the pit when he arrives at the field. What does he recall?

2. How does Robert kill three vampires in Part I, Chapter 5?

3. In Part I, Chapter 3, Robert compares the behavior of vampires to several types of people. Which of the following is NOT one of the people Robert mentions?

4. How is Robert described in Chapter 1?

5. What does Robert get at the grocery store in Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What theory about the disease is Robert not ready to accept in Part II, Chapter 7? What does he research after this conclusion?

2. In Part I, Chapter 2, Robert makes a kind of "schedule" for his day. Why is this an important step for Robert?

3. Why is the discovery of the effect that sunlight has on vampires an important turning point for Robert?

4. In Part I, Chapter 1, what does Robert do for recreation?

5. In Part I, Chapter 3, several things drive Robert to despair. Describe one.

6. In Part I, Chapter 6, what has Robert done to repair his home?

7. How does Robert react to the vampire attack after he gets back in his house?

8. What does Robert see when he finally emerges from his wife's crypt?

9. In Part I, Chapter 6, what does Robert's new mural represent?

10. Describe Robert Neville as he is introduced to the reader in Part I, Chapter I.

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