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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Robert recalls the beginning of the plague. A war began. What happened during that war to begin all the trouble?
(a) The United States was bombed.
(b) The enemy used chemical warfare on American citizens.
(c) Nothing. The people were already sick.
(d) A swarm of infected insects came over on an enemy plane.

2. What do the vampires destroy after Robert gets back into his house in Part I, Chapter 5?
(a) The mirror on the front door.
(b) Each other.
(c) Robert's stack of firewood.
(d) The station wagon.

3. What is Robert's last name?
(a) Newcastle.
(b) Newberg.
(c) Neville.
(d) Palmer.

4. What is Robert thinking about replacing in Chapter 1?
(a) A window.
(b) His shoes.
(c) His wife.
(d) A mirror.

5. In Part II, Chapter 8, Ben has become inured to what?
(a) The daily sight of walking corpses.
(b) Horror movies.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Fear of death.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part I, Chapter 3, what does Robert's house smell like?

2. What does Robert pack in Chapter 2?

3. What does Robert do when he sees Ben jump over the object in Part II, Chapter 8?

4. What are the creatures repulsed by in Chapter 2?

5. Robert resolves to either figure out how to defeat the vampires or ______________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Robert's thoughts have a particular theme in Part I, Chapter 2. Outline his thoughts in simple form and describe the assumptions he makes from his analysis.

2. In Part I, Chapter 3, to what does Robert compare the vampires?

3. What theory about the disease is Robert not ready to accept in Part II, Chapter 7? What does he research after this conclusion?

4. In Part II, Chapter 13, what does Robert see that fills him with joy?

5. In Part II, Chapter 8, Robert continues his investigation into vampires and things which might affect them. Describe one of the additional experiments Robert performs.

6. In Part III, Chapter 19, what does the letter that Ruth wrote to Robert say?

7. What does Robert see when he finally emerges from his wife's crypt?

8. Why does Robert go to Ben's house after Virginia dies, and what does he find there?

9. Describe Robert Neville as he is introduced to the reader in Part I, Chapter I.

10. What does Robert do in defiance of the law after Virginia dies, and why does he do so?

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