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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robert do to express his frustration in Part I, Chapter3?
(a) He throws a tantrum.
(b) He smashes his glass and cuts his forehead.
(c) He smashes his glass and cuts his hand.
(d) He throws his book at the mirror, smashing it.

2. What is part of Robert's daily routine in Chapter 1?
(a) Tending his garden.
(b) Cooking dinner.
(c) Going to work.
(d) Chopping garlic cloves.

3. In Part II, Chapter 8, the vampires are stalking their prey. What is their prey?
(a) A homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk.
(b) Robert.
(c) Another, weaker vampire.
(d) A bony dog.

4. Where does Robert go to study the problem presented in Part II, Chapter 9?
(a) The University of California.
(b) Main Street Bar and Grille.
(c) The nearest Internet cafe.
(d) The Los Angeles public library.

5. Why does Robert get frustrated in Part I, Chapter 3?
(a) The book is missing several pages.
(b) There isn't enough light to read by.
(c) He didn't finish his chores.
(d) He runs out of liquor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Other than the plague, what else happened as a result of the war?

2. What kind of car does Robert drive?

3. What is Robert thinking about replacing in Chapter 1?

4. When Robert asks a vampire why it is afraid of the cross in Part II, Chapter 7, what is the vampire's reply?

5. What does Robert get at the grocery store in Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What theory about the disease is Robert not ready to accept in Part II, Chapter 7? What does he research after this conclusion?

2. What is Robert Neville's mission in life as described in Part I, Chapter 1?

3. Robert realizes that the vampires' vulnerability lies in their blood. Why does he believe this, and what does he intend to do about it?

4. How does Robert begin his research into the nature of vampires?

5. What has Robert done to keep the vampires out of his home?

6. What does Robert do in Part II, Scene ,7 after he finds out about the characteristics of garlic; what are the results?

7. In Part I, Chapter 3, what does Robert do to vent his frustration, and what is the source of his frustration?

8. What does Robert discover about the lymphatic system, and why do his discoveries leave him more disturbed than before?

9. In Part I, Chapter 4, Robert awakens late in the morning, suffering the effects of a night of drinking too much. His feelings begin to conflict with each other, and he finally gets in his car and drives dangerously and aimlessly. Where does he end up, and what does he do while there?

10. Why is the discovery of the effect that sunlight has on vampires an important turning point for Robert?

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