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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Robert's new companion at the end of Part II, Chapter 13?
(a) The vampires destroy him.
(b) He runs away.
(c) He brings a friend.
(d) He dies.

2. What does Ruth do to Robert at the end of Part III, Chapter 18?
(a) Stabs him.
(b) Pushes him out the door into the crowd of waiting vampires.
(c) Shoots him.
(d) Strikes him with a mallet.

3. What new hope does Robert's new companion give him in Part II, Chapter 13?
(a) That Robert won't ever have to be alone again.
(b) That the world has not turned totally evil.
(c) That there may be more human survivors.
(d) That the plague has burned itself out.

4. In Part II, Chapter 12, what does Robert feel the world has fallen to?
(a) New lows.
(b) Sin and immorality.
(c) Complete ruin.
(d) The supernatural.

5. What does Robert do in response to the results of his lists in Part II, Chapter 12?
(a) Goes on a drinking binge.
(b) Regains his motivation.
(c) Rips the paper to shreds.
(d) Shouts "Eureka!!"

6. How many attempts does it take Robert to learn how to use the second instrument he obtains in Part II, Chapter 11?
(a) 12.
(b) 37.
(c) 29.
(d) 2.

7. During his recollection of the height of the plague, Robert remembers being literally dragged to a revival meeting. Who drags him?
(a) His wife Virginia.
(b) A vampire.
(c) His neighbor Ben.
(d) A wild-eyed preacher.

8. In Part II, Chapter 11, what instrument does Robert obtain to further study the characteristics that make vampires what they are?
(a) An electroscope
(b) A microscope.
(c) A bioscope.
(d) A telescope.

9. In Part II, Chapter 13, what does Robert discover that makes him overjoyed?
(a) Another live human being.
(b) An animal curled up comfortably on his front porch.
(c) The hamburger and milk bowls are empty and the garlic ring intact.
(d) A stash of love letters from his dead wife.

10. What does Robert notice Ruth is wearing as she sleeps?
(a) Skimpy lingerie.
(b) A tracking device.
(c) A tiny gold cross.
(d) A wedding ring.

11. What does Robert berate himself for forgetting in Part III, Chapter 19?
(a) Trust no one.
(b) The answer is out there.
(c) Bacteria can mutate.
(d) Vampires lie.

12. When Part IV, Chapter 20 begins, what year is it?
(a) 1979.
(b) 1999.
(c) 1962.
(d) 1984.

13. In Part III, Chapter 18, what does Robert wake up doing?
(a) Pushing Ruth off of the bed.
(b) Walking in his sleep.
(c) Shouting Virginia's name.
(d) Calling Ruth's name.

14. In Part II, Chapter 14, Robert comes up with a psychological explanation as a new perspective on the way vampires act. To what does he compare this psychological explanation?
(a) Mass suicide.
(b) Hysterical blindness.
(c) The blind faith of cult members.
(d) Schizophrenia.

15. On what type of note does the relationship between Robert and Ruth begin?
(a) A positive note.
(b) A loving note.
(c) A blind attraction note.
(d) A note of distrust.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part II, Chapter 12, what does Robert find that gives him a glimmer of hope?

2. What other epidemic does Robert feel was caused by vampires?

3. In the final days of the plague, two phenomena erupted. What was one?

4. What does Ruth say she doesn't care about in Part III, Chapter 16?

5. In Part III, Chapter 17, what does Robert tell Ruth is the only way to fight living vampires?

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