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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part II, Chapter 13, what does Robert discover that makes him overjoyed?
(a) The hamburger and milk bowls are empty and the garlic ring intact.
(b) Another live human being.
(c) An animal curled up comfortably on his front porch.
(d) A stash of love letters from his dead wife.

2. What does Ruth reveal is her true purpose in coming to Robert?
(a) To steal his secrets.
(b) To spy on him.
(c) To seduce him.
(d) To kill him.

3. In Part II, Chapter 12, what does Robert find that gives him a glimmer of hope?
(a) A $100 bill.
(b) A shiny penny.
(c) The cure for the epidemic.
(d) A scrawny dog.

4. What does Robert promise to do for Ruth if she is infected?
(a) Try to cure her.
(b) Kill her.
(c) Help her find more of her kind.
(d) Stay by her side.

5. Where is Ruth when Robert wakes up in Part III, Chapter 18?
(a) In bed beside him.
(b) Standing in the living room.
(c) Outside with the vampires.
(d) Gone.

6. What does Robert do to Ruth as he embraces her?
(a) Hugs her too tightly.
(b) Takes the money she stole from him out of her pocket.
(c) Draws blood.
(d) Holds a cross against her skin.

7. What happens to Robert when the men of the new society come for him?
(a) He is turned into a vampire.
(b) He manages to kill them all but is injured in the process.
(c) He is beaten up and dragged away.
(d) He is invited to join the new society.

8. In Part II, Chapter 14, Robert realizes that he no longer needs what to escape?
(a) Strength and vitality.
(b) Stakes and garlic.
(c) A gun.
(d) Alcohol.

9. What does Ruth say she doesn't care about in Part III, Chapter 16?
(a) Robert.
(b) If she ever sees another human.
(c) If she dies.
(d) What they have for dinner.

10. What does Robert win in Part II, Chapter 13?
(a) A new car.
(b) The lottery.
(c) Ben's loyalty.
(d) The trust of his new companion.

11. In Part II, Chapter 14, Robert thinks that the people at the revival died with what in their hearts?
(a) Fear.
(b) A blood clot.
(c) Melancholy.
(d) Stakes.

12. In Part II, Chapter 11, what instrument does Robert obtain to further study the characteristics that make vampires what they are?
(a) An electroscope
(b) A bioscope.
(c) A telescope.
(d) A microscope.

13. What new fear does Robert develop toward the end of Part II, Chapter 13?
(a) Werewolves.
(b) That his new companion has been infected.
(c) The dark.
(d) That Ben will come back to kill him.

14. What does Robert ask of Ruth that makes her angry?
(a) If he can test her blood.
(b) If she will move in with him.
(c) If she is a vampire.
(d) If she will sleep with him.

15. What does Robert notice Ruth is wearing as she sleeps?
(a) A tracking device.
(b) A tiny gold cross.
(c) A wedding ring.
(d) Skimpy lingerie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens that makes Robert believe that Ruth might be infected?

2. What does Ruth do to Robert at the end of Part III, Chapter 18?

3. In Part II, Chapter 12, what does Robert feel the world has fallen to?

4. In the beginning of Part II, Chapter 14, what does Robert realize has never been the answer?

5. What is wrong with the first instrument Robert obtains in Part II, Chapter 11?

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