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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening when Robert awakens at 3 a.m with an epiphany?
(a) All the lights went out.
(b) A dust storm.
(c) He is being bitten by fire ants.
(d) Vampires have broken down his door.

2. In Part I, Chapter 3, Robert feels a bit of sympathy towards vampires, but he would still never __________.
(a) Invite one to dinner.
(b) Let his sister marry one.
(c) Allow one to cross his threshhold.
(d) Turn his back on one.

3. What has happened to the vampire that Robert threw on the grass in Part I, Chapter 4?
(a) It has come back to life and is stalking him.
(b) It looks and smells like someone who has been dead for years.
(c) It has turned into a bat.
(d) It has turned into a pile of ashes.

4. What did Robert erect around Kathy's bed to shelter her from the storms?
(a) Sheets of plywood.
(b) A teepee.
(c) A tent.
(d) A huge umbrella.

5. What time does the vampire in Robert's house awaken in Part II, Chapter 7?
(a) 6:30 p.m.
(b) 12:00 a.m.
(c) 11:00 p.m.
(d) 8:00 p.m.

6. In Part I, Chapter 3, Robert compares the behavior of vampires to several types of people. Which of the following is NOT one of the people Robert mentions?
(a) Venal politicians.
(b) Suicide bombing terrorists.
(c) Unscrupulous distillers who sell diluted grain.
(d) Publishers who sell literature promoting violence.

7. How does Robert kill three vampires in Part I, Chapter 5?
(a) He sprays them with acid.
(b) He runs them over with his car.
(c) He decapitates them with an ax.
(d) He shoots them through the heart.

8. What does Robert do to express his frustration in Part I, Chapter3?
(a) He throws his book at the mirror, smashing it.
(b) He smashes his glass and cuts his hand.
(c) He throws a tantrum.
(d) He smashes his glass and cuts his forehead.

9. In Part II, Chapter 7, on what does Robert perform his experiments?
(a) A wing and a prayer.
(b) A new chemistry set.
(c) A female vampire.
(d) The kitchen table.

10. In Part I, Chapter 3, what does Robert wonder?
(a) If he is the only normal human left.
(b) If he should paint a mural on another wall.
(c) If the book he is reading is fact or fiction.
(d) If he can make a run to the liquor store.

11. How is the substance created that Robert manufactures in an attempt to kill the vampires in Part II, Chapter 7?
(a) By mixing sulfuric acid and baking soda.
(b) By mixing lemon juice and bleach and heating it to 200 degrees.
(c) Heating mustard oil and potassium sulphide to 100 degrees.
(d) By squeezing the juice out garlic.

12. In Part II, Chapter 10, how does Robert decide he needs to study the problem?
(a) From another angle.
(b) Scientifically.
(c) Without prejudice.
(d) Out in the field.

13. What was the melody played by Ben's door chimes?
(a) "I'm Getting Married In The Morning."
(b) "How Dry I Am."
(c) "Beethoven's 9th Symphony."
(d) "Danke Schoen."

14. In Part II, Chapter 8, the vampires are stalking their prey. What is their prey?
(a) Robert.
(b) A homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk.
(c) A bony dog.
(d) Another, weaker vampire.

15. In Part I, Chapter 4, to where does Robert drive?
(a) The cemetery where Virginia is entombed.
(b) The store to restock his water.
(c) To Sears to get a new table saw.
(d) The pit in the field where Kathy was burned.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Robert's father's name?

2. After Robert injects the vampire in Part II, Chapter 7, what does he do with it?

3. In Part I, Chapter 4, what is Robert's silent wish?

4. Other than the plague, what else happened as a result of the war?

5. As the neighbor watched Robert in Part II, Chapter 9, what did he ask of Robert?

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