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View through the Peephole

Imagine the view through Robert's peephole. Now, create a diorama of that view. Use color, or the lack thereof, for symbolic effect. What would viewing life through a peephole represent?

The Myth, The Legend.

Research the myths and legends surrounding vampires. What were the circumstances surrounding the "birth" of the vampire legends? Give your own theories about the tools vampire hunters use to ward off or kill vampires. Give a short presentation about you findings.

Vampire for a Day.

Come to school dressed as your favorite vampire character. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for a school setting. Take a few minutes to explain why you chose the costume that you did.

Vampire Movies.

Vampires are suddenly a popular theme for movies and TV shows, including a movie based upon this book. Make a list of movies and TV shows about vampires that you...

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