I Am Legend Character Descriptions

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Robert Neville

This character's spouse and only child have died from a virulent vampire disease.

Ben Cortman

Once the protagonist's neighbor, friend, and co-worker, this character has been transformed into a vampire.

The Dog

This is a scrawny creature which has been befriended by the protagonist and has escaped the scourge of the vampires by hiding.


This character's two children die in the vampire plague and his/her spouse was killed by the main character.


This character is the protagonist's wife who returns from the dead.


This character is the protagonist's only child who has died in the vampire plague.

The Vampires

These characters come in two types: those who are infected with the disease but have not yet died, and those who have died from the disease and come back from the dead.

The Mutant Vampires

These characters have overcome the psychological effects of...

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