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Part I, Chapter 1

• It is January 1976, and Robert Neville is the only survivor of a plague that turns humans into vampires.

• His mission is to destroy "the others" before they can infect him.

• Robert is 36 years old with blond hair and blue eyes.

• Robert spends part of his day repairing the protective measures on his home and chopping garlic to make wreaths.

• For recreation, he drinks, smokes, cooks, reads science books, and listens to classical music.
• He has a tattoo of a cross on his chest, which he feels may have saved his life.

• He is constantly being taunted by the vampires in a number of different ways.

• As he sleeps, he dreams of a woman named Virginia.

Part I, Chapter 2

• Robert watches the vampires through a peephole.

• He creates a list of tasks to do for the day.

• He retrieves the bodies of two women and puts...

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